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  1. Buying Guides to Buy a Used car

    by subhash kumar - 2007-04-28
    Automobile is a wheeled passenger vehicle that carries its own motor. Most definitions of the term specify that automobiles are designed to run primarily on roads, to have seating for one to six peopl...
  2. Sell Your Used Car Immediately For Same Day Cash

    by Jaime Mintun - 2007-03-30
    When you decided to sell your used car, you likely chose to sell it so you could buy another car, because you needed to liquidate it for cash, or because you're moving. Either way, it's in your best i...
  3. When Buying an RV, It is Worth it to Shop Around

    by Michelle Yau - 2007-03-19
    In Hollywood, the cross-country family trip is often used as an easy way to get laughs.  Most people chuckle when they picture Chevy Chase's poor family crammed into the metallic pea Gris...
  4. How To Avoid Car Dealer Trade In Scams

    by exforsys abhi - 2007-03-19
    The basic concept of a trade in sounds like a good idea. You take a car that you currently own and put it towards the price of a newer car, effectively saving money. However, it is important to note t...
  5. How to legally buy or sell a used car

    by Nick Phagan - 2007-02-17
    It is important to complete an auto bill of sale form when selling or buying a used car. For the seller, an auto bill of sale form provides proof that title to the used car has been legally transferre...
  6. Auto Loan Considerations

    by John Campbell - 2007-02-10
    By John Campbell If you find yourself shopping around for an auto loan there is much to consider before you ever sign the dotted line.The first thing to consider is if you want to pay a down payment o...
  7. How to Get the Best Auto Loan Rates and Terms with Subprime Credit

    by John Campbell - 2007-02-10
    By John Campbell If you need an auto loan but find out your credit score isn't exactly very good, don't throw in the towel just yet. There are still loans available to borrowers with subprime credit.W...
  8. Good News About Bad Credit Car Loans

    by Mike Hamel - 2007-01-22
    Almost half of all car purchases in America are financed. Couple this with that fact that 30 million Americans have credit problems and you see why there’s such an interest in bad credit car loa...
  9. How to Find the Best Buy Vehicles

    by Stacey Wilson - 2006-11-06
    "Our experts test drive more than 200 new cars each year in various settings and conditions. We treat them as if they were ours, driving them to the supermarket, in the city, on the highway, and on lo...