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  1. Sony Bravia XBR3 HDTV Review Of The Sony Bravia XBR3

    by Hahn Baker - 2007-04-30
    The Sony Bravia XBR3 is a HDTV (High Definition Television) and delivers pictures in a different method than Pal Scart and Rear projection televisions. One of the benefits of HDTV's such as the Sony...
  2. Understanding Speakers and Speaker Guidelines

    by Jeff Hyndman - 2007-04-12
    When most people shop for home audio speakers they often find a lot of information, but don't know what much of it means.  The purpose of this article is to provide a basic understanding of some ...
  3. Home Entertainment - bringing the cinema to you

    by John Gibb - 2007-02-11
    As home entertainment equipment gets cheaper and the quality gets better each year, more and more people are starting to wonder about setting up their own home cinema system. So what are the advantage...
  4. What do you need to set up your own home-entertainment system?

    by John Gibb - 2007-02-11
    So if you’ve decided that you want to take the plunge and install a home entertainment system in your house, exactly what equipment should you get? This can be complicated, especially when it co...
  5. Creating Your Media Room

    by BatSheva Vaknin - 2007-01-23
    Media rooms are a great gathering space for family movie night, for some hot competition in the ultimate gaming experience, or just someplace to kick back, listen to music and surf the Internet. Here ...