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  1. Swimming Pool Chlorine

    by James Knight - 2007-05-22
    Anyone who has visited a swimming pool or soaked in a hot tub knows the distinct spell of chlorine added to the water.Using the right mixture of chlorine for a swimming pool or hot tub is an essential...
  2. Swimming Pool Chemicals

    by James Knight - 2007-05-21
    Every swimming pool contains a combination of chemicals - anyone that has ever been in a swimming pool will know this. In fact, anyone who has ever been near a swimming pool will recognise the strange...
  3. Do I Need A Swimming Pool Heater?

    by Riley Hendersen - 2007-04-27
    Whether or not to get a swimming pool heater is an individual decision. However, in general, it is a good idea. Swimming pools have many uses. They are not just for summer fun. Many people like to use...
  4. Competitive Swimming - How To Get Started (From a Parents Perspective)

    by Tara Kane - 2007-04-12
    As a parent, I always want to challenge my daughter to stretch and grow beyond what she thinks her limits might be. Competitive swimming is one vehicle that has and will continue to accomplish this go...
  5. From Paddling Pool To Swimming Pool

    by Mark Ebrey - 2007-03-26
    Owning your own pool is beyond the wildest dreams of most people. Many rumours exist about the cost of installing and running a swimming pool. In practice most people don't really have much idea about...
  6. Swimming - From Learn to Swim to a World Champion

    by Gary Barclay - 2007-03-08
    While every child in the world should learn to swim, many children go on to join young squads and become involved in competitive swimming. It is at this time that they start dreaming of representing ...
  7. Getting the Most Out of Your Pool - Swimming Pool Supply

    by Riley Hendersen - 2007-03-07
    Swimming pool supply is a specialty store that provides all the various instruments, tools, and equipment that you could possibly need in order to keep your pool running properly and in good shape. Of...
  8. Swimming Pool Heaters Help Keep the Chills Away

    by Riley Hendersen - 2007-03-04
    Who said swimming should only be enjoyed in the summer time? While at one point winter may have stopped all plans for a good swim, this isn't the case any more. Swimming pool heaters allow you to enjo...
  9. Kayaking - Can you take on the rapids in just your one-man boat?

    by John Gibb - 2007-02-16
    Kayaking is a fun outdoor pursuit that like many modern pursuits started as a practical tool for survival. A kayak is a very small boat barely large enough for one person. They bear a resemblance to a...
  10. Closing Your Swimming Pool

    by Freddy Rodriguez - 2007-01-07
    Stains, corrosion and scale are not just problems during the swimming season. By using the right products and following the simple procedures below, you will protect your pool during the cold winter w...
  11. Enjoying Healthy Water Sports

    by Tim Bock - 2006-12-12
    If you enjoy fun in the sun and love to get wet in the process, then you might want to take up water sports. Whether you're in the ocean, swimming pool, or lake, there's a water sport for you! If a da...