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  1. Winter Running: Survival of The Feet

    by Christine Dobrowolski, DPM - 2007-01-14
    Many dedicated runners will brave the cold, damp air and dark, slick streets as winter sets in. Running is actually a part of surviving the winter for some. For those of you who don't let a little rai...
  2. Need New Running Shoes - Taking Care Of Our Feet With The Proper Protection

    by Andy Maingam - 2007-01-11
    After years of fancy diets and lame exercise routines, I eventually realized that I needed to move if I had any chance of shedding a few pounds, so I took up running and training with renewed vigor. ...
  3. Selecting the Right Running Shoe

    by John Hopple - 2007-01-05
    When buying running shoes there are literally hundreds of shoes to choose from. Running shoes are used to protect your feet from the roads and to absorb the tremendous shock the feet will take. Since ...
  4. Simple Tips On Training For A Maraton

    by Gray Rollins - 2006-12-26
    Running a marathon may seem daunting, but with the right training, 26.2 miles is perfectly doable. Even people who have never run a distance longer than 3 or 4 miles can successfully train for and run...
  5. 5 Things You Must Know Before Running A Marathon

    by William Milton - 2006-12-21
    1. Proper preparation prevents poor performance One of the biggest mistakes you can make before running a marathon is to assume that 'it'll be alright on the day'; 'The crowd and adrenalin will get me...
  6. Shocking Shin Splints

    by Gordon Bryan - 2006-12-16
    Shin splints - what a descriptive phrase! It conjures up images of a shattered bone loose in your leg. As descriptive as that is, and that *is* how it feels when you have the condition, in fact that i...
  7. American Distance Running Legends

    by John Hopple - 2006-12-16
    When people prioritize sports in the United States the top three are usually football, basketball and baseball. These sports receive a lot of media attention making the athletes superstars and heroes ...
  8. The Importance of Running Training at Goal Pace

    by Dominique De Rooij - 2006-12-09
    When you are seriously working towards a key race, you are using a focused running program. You do your long runs, easy runs, tempo runs and intervals. Great ! But something is missing in this pictur...
  9. The Marathon Story

    by Jeff Woodruff - 2006-12-01
    On a sweltering hot day in mid June the Marathon story began. A midlife crisis, heat getting to me, no one knows for sure how it happened, but non-the-less it did. I looked in the mirror and with dis...