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  1. Love & Dating at Finger Tips For All Ages with Mate1

    by Mohammed Osman Siddiq - 2006-12-27
    Love& Dating are the two steps which come in every Human's Life.Love can be defined as a mutual understanding and co-operation between two people with co-ordination between them.Dating can be defined...
  2. Love - Chemistry Can Be A Mistake

    by Warren Cooley - 2006-12-14
    Much care and caution is required here. Chemistry is biological and as such instinctive and very powerful. It is as strong and lasts as long as the elements of an affinity.Attractions are often attr...
  3. Love - Emotional Confusion Is Required

    by Warren Cooley - 2006-12-14
    Setting aside for a minute, that if confronted with love you will have a physical wig out and that it is easy and dangerous to confuse about love and sex. In addition love requires emotional confusion...
  4. Why Not Learn About Love

    by Warren Cooley - 2006-12-13
    Socrates one of history's greatest teachers said, "One could not find a better helper for human nature than love". So why aren't we teaching about love?Why learn about love? Don't people know what th...
  5. Russian Women Are Passionate Women

    by John Kunkle - 2006-11-07
    Russian women are passionate. Once you have lived with a Russian woman, many other women pale in comparison.Russians in general are very emotional in their private lives, contrasting with their stoic ...