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  1. What you've always wanted to know About Choosing a Pet

    by Jonnalyn Ajeda - 2007-04-13
    Choosing pets is an important choice to make and is no easy task. It's not just a matter of looking up pets for sale in your handy classifieds paper or online classifieds and picking the first thing ...
  2. What Is Horse Cribbing

    by Richard Lindner - 2007-03-22
    What is Horse Cribbing and How can I get my Horse to STOP?WHAT IS CRIBBING?Do you know that CRIBBING is not only rough on barns and fences, but it also may be detrimental to a horse's health? The hors...
  3. My Cat's Late Night Visitors

    by Robert Alexander - 2007-03-21
    My cat Spike is very laid back . He’s a lover, not a fighter, so it was with surprise that one morning as I was feeding him his daily ration of cat food, I saw two scratches on his nose.  H...
  4. Pet Insurance for Dogs and Cats

    by Sandy Thompson - 2007-03-17
    Pet Insurance for Dogs and CatsIs it Worth the Money?Trying to decide if you should invest in a pet insurance policy for your "friend"? Here are some commonly asked questions and statistics, which wil...
  5. Pet Relocation - Tips For International Pet Moving

    by Pankaj Mohan Yadava - 2007-03-14
    Five Tips for Safe and Humane International Pet RelocationOwning or adopting a pet should be for life, regardless of what corner of the world your career or other circumstances happen to send you. Whe...
  6. Why Should You Insure Your Pet?

    by Peter Kenny - 2007-02-26
    One type of insurance that many people overlook is pet insurance. With pets often loved as part of the family and vet’s bills being extremely expensive, it really does make sense to insure your ...
  7. Do You Have Pet Insurance? If Not, You Should

    by Jean Morgan - 2007-02-18
    Most Americans know and understand the importance of health insurance coverage, but very few realize the importance of that same coverage for their pets. Just as you need to go to the doctor for routi...
  8. Is Dog And Cat Health Insurance Really As Stupid As It Sounds

    by Craig Thornburrow - 2007-02-12
    You can insure your house, your car, your boat, and your life, and now, thanks to dog and cat health insurance, Fluffy and Fido can have their own protection, too. But what exactly is it, and is it re...
  9. Seals Need Pet Insurance and those Poor Polar Bears that Murder Them Too

    by Lance Winslow - 2007-02-04
    We have sure seen a lot of global warming news lately and it is amazing that the polar bear species is being used as a tool to insight the population and society to demand the government do something ...
  10. The Necessity Of Dog Insurance

    by Craig Thornburrow - 2007-01-20
    Unfortunately, in today's world it is not difficult for a pet dog to get injured. Dogs were not designed to live in an urban environment and the common trappings of city life can yield some unfortunat...
  11. The Lowdown On Protecting Your Pet With Pet Insurance

    by Craig Thornburrow - 2007-01-18
    Do you own any pets? If so, have you ever thought about buying pet insurance for them? Believe it or not there is such a thing as pet insurance. That's right; you can buy an insurance policy for yo...
  12. Veterinary Pet Health Insurance: Get the Best Care for Your Pet

    by Jenny Black - 2007-01-04
    Do you consider your pet a member of your house? So, why to step back and postpone its treatments, when it falls ill or gets injured? Buy a veterinary pet health insurance and make certain that your p...
  13. Show That You Care Your Dog With Dog Insurance

    by Jenny Black - 2006-12-27
    Illness, accidents, mishaps always comes uninvited and without giving any prior notice. This is true with human beings as well as your dogs. So why to take any risks? Just buy a dog insurance policy ...