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  1. Animals for Adoption Create Beautiful Friendships

    by Morgan Hamilton - 2007-04-30
    If you are looking for a pet to keep you company, you can find the perfect one by looking at the animals for adoption at your local animal shelter. A lot of lovable animals in local shelters are sitti...
  2. House Cat Training: Deal with Play Fighting and Spraying

    by Maria Markella - 2007-04-24
    Ok it's a fact that most cats like to play around, running here and there, scratching furniture or biting you. But Sometimes cats can be so energetic that can cause damage when playing. And what about...
  3. Prevention and Control Feline Leukemia ( cat )

    by aaher m - 2007-03-05
    Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) remains one of the most important causes of disease and death in cats. It causes a variety of malignancies, but persistent infection can also cause severe immunosuppressio...
  4. Treatment and Prevention Tracheobronchitis of Dogs (Kennel cough)

    by aaher m - 2007-03-05
    Treatment: Preferably, affected dogs should not be hospitalized because the disease is usually highly contagious (and also self-limiting). Appropriate management practices, including good nutrition, h...
  5. Ear infections are very common in dogs. Why?

    by aaher m - 2007-03-04
    Because of the anatomy of the ear in some breeds of dogs. It's longer and deeper than in humans, for example. And in some breeds, covered by an ear flap that makes the inside of the ear canal warm and...
  6. Ringworm And Your Pets - What To Look For

    by Terry Edwards - 2007-02-28
    As hard as it may be to believe, ringworm can affect your pets. Ringworm in dogs and cats is more common than you might think. Worse yet, it's also possible for your cat to pass it onto you, but don't...
  7. Air Purifiers: Here's To Better Health

    by Christopher Crompton - 2007-02-14
    When I got home from work tonight, the house wasn't quite as comfortable as I prefer. After messing with the thermostat, I looked up at our HVAC air intake. Then it hit me: I haven't changed the air f...