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  1. Danios - A Favorite Fish Tank Fish

    by Lee Dobbins - 2007-03-26
    Danios fish are an excellent choice for most aquariums due to their high energy level and mild temperament and are particularly recommended for first-time aquarium owners. These hardy fish will offer ...
  2. The Koi Fish-Pond Eliminate Stress

    by Mas Ars - 2007-03-26
    People say, gazed at lower fish went home in the pond was the potent method of eliminating stress. Pretty him the colour of the koi fish decorated, was increased by the voice sound of pond water, coul...
  3. Make Fish Your Favourite Pet

    by Ekta Verma - 2007-03-23
    Keeping pets can help your children to have respect for other living creatures, as well as teach children responsibility and the importance of taking care of what belongs to them. However, it is not a...
  4. The Essentials of Proper Betta Fish Care

    by Sarah Munn - 2007-03-17
    Betta Fish, also known as Betta Splendens, Beta Fish and Siamese Fighting Fish, are inexpensive pets and can be quite lovely. Technically, the Betta name refers to about fifty species, but is commonl...
  5. Breeding Betta Fish - An Essential Guide

    by Sarah Munn - 2007-03-17
    When you decide to breed your Betta Fish, the first step is to make sure you are ready. It will take time, money, space for around fifty jars to separate males, a secure pond with no other fish and a...
  6. Suggestions for a Koi First Aid Kit

    by Nikoletta Bocz - 2007-03-08
    So, you are a proud koi pond owner with a dozen beautiful koi fish. Everything is fine until that moment when your koi fish getting sick for the first time. What you should do?Prevention is the most i...
  7. Fresh Water And Salt Water Don't Mix

    by David Fishman - 2007-03-04
    If you are planning to purchase an aquarium, you will want to make sure that your fish stay healthy, and the only way to ensure this is by cleaning the tank regularly. Many small stores do not carry e...
  8. Setting Up An Aquarium Fish Tank

    by Alison Stevens - 2007-02-22
    An aquarium fish tank can bring the beauty and splendor of tropical or freshwater fish into your home or office, and if you follow sound fishkeeping principles when setting up your tank it will bring ...
  9. Moving Your Fish When You Move from Here to There

    by Laurence Magne - 2007-02-20
    Here's what you'll need: a container, some trash bags, and some rubber bands. Here are more details. The container should be the right size. Not too small, or it will cramp the fish and not contain en...
  10. Converting An Aquarium to Saltwater

    by Laurence Magne - 2007-02-19
    Most equipment used in freshwater can be used in a saltwater system, with a few exceptions. You should start by replacing your gravel with some sort of calcerous material, like crushed coral, dolomite...
  11. Aquarium Good and Bad Algae

    by Laurence Magne - 2007-02-18
    Aquarium Good and Bad AlgaeFrom the desk of Laurence Magne, author of www.first-aquarium-secrets.comThere are two categories of algae of concern to aquarists: "good" and "bad". Goo...
  12. Ammonia Poisoning

    by Laurence Magne - 2007-02-18
    Ammonia poisoning is one of the biggest killers of aquarium fish. It occurs most often when a tank is newly set up. However, it can also occur in an established tank when too many new fish have been a...