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  1. A Palm Springs, San Diego & Orange County Law Firm Looks at the Worldwide Patenting System and It's Harmful Effect on Medical & Biotechnology Research

    by R. Sebastian Gibson - 2008-10-22
    If you are employed as a scientist or as a company do research anywhere in California, including cities where biotechnology and other medical science is being studied or where research takes place, e...
  2. Indian Wells, Newport Beach & Buena Park California Business Attorney Advice of How to Making Money in This Tough Economy - Patents

    by R. Sebastian Gibson - 2008-10-20
    The question being asked by people in these difficult economic times for small business owners is how can a person make money in this tough economy? New businesses are much riskier to try, and new bu...
  3. Palm Springs, Irvine and Vista California Patent Lawyers - Making Sense of Patents and Encouraging Inventors

    by R. Sebastian Gibson - 2008-10-20
    As the senior partner of a law firm that applies for patents on behalf of our clients in Southern California, from San Diego to Orange County, from Irvine, Anaheim, La Jolla, Fullerton, Temecula, Mis...
  4. Intellectual Property - Patents - Test for Obviousness - Inventive Step Response

    by Rosanna Cooper - 2007-03-11
    The UK Patent Office conducted a consultation on one of the tests for patentability - which is whether an invention has an 'Inventive Step'. The test is whether the invention is obvious to a person s...
  5. Intellectual Property Law - EU - Commercial Litigation - Patent Infringement in the UK by Defendant

    by Rosanna Cooper - 2007-03-11
    The case of Celem SA and Another v Alcon Electronics PVT Ltd [2006] concerned jurisdictional issues relating to patent infringement. The claimant companies were engaged in the manufacture of component...
  6. Intellectual Property, Patent Law, Patent Infringement Invalidity Regulatory Law Pharmaceutical

    by Rosanna Cooper - 2007-03-11
    In the case of Les Laboratoires Servier and Another v KRKA Polska SP.ZO.O. and Another [2006], the claimants made an application for an interim injunction to prevent the marketing and distribution of...
  7. Why A Patent Lawyer Can Be An Inventor's Best Friend

    by Gregg Hall - 2007-02-13
    Some may think that brilliant men like Thomas Edison and Nicolai Tesla are rare these days but I know better. As a matter of fact I have a friend who is a certifiable genius inventor, inventing things...
  8. Theory into Action - Calculating Damages Payments and Accounts of Profits in Patent Cases

    by L Ellis - 2007-02-11
    It is all well and good to be encouraged to apply and obtain for patent protection. The main remedies for patent infringement are a narrow injunction to prevent future instances of the infringement, a...
  9. How To File A Patent Application

    by Alexander Gordon - 2006-12-23
    Increasing instances of counterfeiting and introduction & marketing of goods or concepts with minor changes have almost mandated original authors or creators to get their products, designs or ideas pa...
  10. Protecting Your New Invention

    by Gage Killian - 2006-12-14
    O.K. so you have an Idea for an invention. This invention could be big or small. Your invention may even only be a simple idea at the moment. Nevertheless, you are going to want to make sure to pro...