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  1. The Most Popular Types Of Online Advertising

    by Anuja Aggarwal - 2007-04-17
    As is the case with any kind of advertising, online advertising aids you in:Selling more of your product/serviceNotifying buyers of your new product/service, or promotional offer Spreading your ideas ...
  2. Promote Your Site With Banner Ads

    by Sean Ray - 2007-03-01
    More than likely, you have seen a banner ad or two (million) if you have spend any amount of time online. You know what they are: those rectangular ads that appear all over the web, touting business...
  3. Banner Ad Technique

    by Sean Ray - 2007-03-01
    If you want to place a banner ad on other sites, there are three ways to do it. First, you can arrange to display the banner ads of other companies on your site, in exchange for them displaying your ...
  4. Banner Exchange Program

    by Sean Ray - 2007-03-01
    How do you find a banner exchange program? That's the easy part. Just a simple web search will bring up a host of options. Once you choose a site, usually the process is straightforward. Don't jus...
  5. Banner Ad Tips and Techniques

    by Sean Ray - 2007-03-01
    Banner ads can be a very effective and inexpensive way to get your market message out online, although they are probably not as effective as they were when they first debuted.Like other forms of onlin...
  6. Banner Ads Draw Traffic

    by Sean Ray - 2007-02-22
    Those little ads that are pasted at the top or bottom of many websites are known as banner ads. Once clicked on they redirect the visitor to an advertiser's site to provide more information on the ad...
  7. Affiliate Revenue -- Why You Should Not Refer With Banners

    by Chimezirim Chinecherem Odimba - 2007-01-08
    It takes only a few minutes to toss a banner on your site. Some merchants encourage you to use banners. It's not that they don't know that they are not so effective in referring leads to them. They kn...
  8. Are Banner Ads Still an Effective Form of Internet Advertising?

    by Justin Michie - 2006-12-24
    Banner ads are the pioneers of internet marketing. The first banner ad appeared on (now back in October 27th, 1994 in the form of an ad for AT&T. Since that time banner...