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  1. Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Debt Settlement?

    by Chris Kesterson - 2007-04-26
    Debt settlement in America is rapidly becoming the top method for consumers to get rid of problem debt. Debt settlement companies correspond with creditors on debtors' behalf and assist debtors by e...
  2. How Do You Go About Getting Cash for Note Payments in One Lump Sum of Money?

    by Jamie Sherman - 2007-04-14
    These days you can get cash for note payments rather than have to wait to receive smaller monthly checks. This is quite advantageous for those who need a large sum of money in the short term for an i...
  3. How Do I Sell Notes and Get a Lump Sum of Money For Them?

    by Jamie Sherman - 2007-04-13
    Millions of people look to sell notes to gain access to a large amount of money rather than wait for their smaller monthly payments to come in. Although having regular income is a nice idea, there co...
  4. Where Do You Find A Qualified Buyer of Structured Settlement Annuity?

    by Jamie Sherman - 2007-04-11
    Finding a qualified buyer of structured settlement annuity is much easier these days thanks to the Internet. With just the click of a mouse you have access to the top note buyers in the country, and ...
  5. How To Get Cash For Structured Settlement Payment Now

    by Jamie Sherman - 2007-04-11
    You can quickly and easily get cash for structured settlement payment from a qualified note buyer. It is much less of a hassle than getting a loan from a bank or other lending institution and also re...
  6. Best Way To Sell Structured Settlement Payment For a Lump Sum of Cash

    by Jamie Sherman - 2007-04-08
    More and more people are choosing to sell structured settlement payment rather than receive their monthly annuities. Why? Because money today is always worth more than money tomorrow, and some people ...
  7. Sell Structured Settlement Annuities For Top Dollar With Professional Note Buyers

    by Jamie Sherman - 2007-04-08
    If you are looking to sell structured settlement payments, now is a great time to do it. You now have access to a nationwide pool of experienced, professional note buyers thanks to the Internet, and ...
  8. Lawsuit Loan - Avoiding the Application Nightmare

    by Jim Roman - 2007-04-03
    What is a lawsuit cash advance?If you're involved in a lawsuit, you know that the bills keep stacking up while you wait for your lawsuit to be settled.The legal system can take months or years for you...
  9. Pros And Cons Of Selling Your Structured Settlement Future Payment

    by Teddy Lc. - 2007-03-28
    While structured settlements are always meant for securing you're a stable income in long term, you do not need to limit yourself with the periodic payment. You can, instead of getting a periodic paym...
  10. Overview On Structured Settlements In United States

    by Teddy Lc. - 2007-03-22
    Structured settlement is generally known as the replacement for the conventional lump sum cash settlement. In brief, a structured settlement is a contracted arrangement where the insurance company agr...
  11. Buyers Of Structured Settlements

    by Swati Banerjee - 2007-03-21
    You can invest your money in structured settlements or you can also offer the same to buyers of structured settlements as a kind of compensation for the damage suffered by an individual. If you want t...
  12. Which Debt Can Be Settled?

    by Mary Wise - 2007-03-17
    This is an important issue as not all debts can be settled with regular debt settlement agencies. And thus, prior to hiring the services of such agencies you need to make sure that your particular deb...
  13. Cash In Your Settlement Payments? The Good And The Bad

    by Amanda Bellview - 2007-02-21
    Cashing in your structured settlement is an option that you may have. By cashing in the funds that you are being paid through a structured settlement, you will be getting the funds that are owed to yo...
  14. ABCs of Life Insurance Settlement

    by Natalie Aranda - 2007-01-28
    When you have a life insurance policy, you may think that the only way you can get money from the policy is for you to die! Luckily, there is another way in which you can use the value of your life in...
  15. Structered Settlements

    by Strive Mazunga - 2006-12-09
    Structured settlements are a method of compensating people who have been injured as a direct result from another party who is in the wrong. At one time there were only lump sum payments available for ...