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  1. From the Aacr to Online Public Access Catalogs

    by Samuel Bryant - 2008-11-27
    In 1978, a revision to the AACR called The Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, Second Edition (AACR2) was published because of certain significant developments in the field of cataloging rules. One of ...
  2. Ala Catalog Rules and the International Meeting of Cataloguing Experts

    by Samuel Bryant - 2008-11-27
    In response to the needs of the large academic libraries in the early 1900s, the Anglo-American Rules of 1908 (AA 1908) was created. This was the first time that the libraries in the United States an...
  3. Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records

    by Samuel Bryant - 2008-11-27
    The Library of Congress's list of subject headings has been available in machine-readable form since 1986 to help organize the latest cataloging form. Problems associated with assigning headings have...
  4. Enhanced Sql Management With a New Free Tool

    by Helen G - 2008-11-05
    Content Code Templates library with a browser window Context-sensitive Code Completion Automatic SQL syntax check One-click access to schema objects' definitions On...
  5. People Search Sites-finding the Best People Search Sites

    by Valeri Tkatchenko - 2008-10-27
    Intending to search people online? If so ,then people search sites can help you find everything that you are looking for! people search sites are pages designed especially to help you search people...
  6. Wise Registry Cleaner-download Wise Registry Cleaner

    by Valeri Tkatchenko - 2008-10-15
    Here You Will Find Good Windows Registry Cleaner! Having your registry littered full of junk information and registry entries is in fact dangerous! As you might be already aware of the fact that hac...
  7. Get Rid of Porn-how to Get Rid of Porn From Your Computer

    by Valeri Tkatchenko - 2008-09-29
    Get rid of porn today! This is important to get rid of porn  from your hard drive or it can lend you in some serious trouble! Sometimes while you browse the internet porn fragments and popups instal...
  8. Management Software Tools - Bespoke V's Off-the-shelf

    by Robin George - 2008-09-10
    Management Software ToolsLooking for business management software tools but don't know whether to buy off-the-shelf or bespoke?When deciding to buy some new management software the choice between off...
  9. Database Management: the Nerve Centre of Every Modern Organisation

    by Smit Mathur - 2008-08-30
    The database management service has become an integral part of a modern organisation. It is generally used to store huge data and also to manage it and update it as and when necessary. An ideal datab...
  10. Eliminating the Standard Textbook With Xml Content Servers

    by 10x Marketing - 2008-07-18
    The textbook has been around for centuries, changing in size and shape through the years and more than anything, getting heavier by the decade. The bulky textbooks no doubt make sure that everything...
  11. The Wide Area Network and Client Server Applications

    by Kh Atiar Rahman - 2008-06-22
    Infrastructure servers provide support for wide area network (WAN) communications. This support typically includes support for a subset of IBM System Network Architecture (SNA), asynchronous protocol...
  12. Databases and Maintaining Their Uptime

    by Stephen J. Richards - 2008-06-19
    Databases provide a convenient means of storing vast amounts of information, allowing the information to be sorted, searched, viewed, and manipulated according to the business needs andgoals. A compu...
  13. The Window Object: Its Properties, Methods, and Events.

    by uCertify Team - 2007-03-10
    Each object has its own properties, methods, and events. With the help of these properties, methods, and events, the objects can be used to make a Web page or Web site interactive.Now, you will see ho...
  14. Easy Connection String

    by Steve Buchok - 2006-11-27
    Here's an easy way to make any connection string you might need and it can test the connection before you use it. Open a new text document in notepad and save it as a .udl file. You then close notepad...