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  1. Aviation Simulators

    by Chris Narfundle - 2008-10-30
    Aviation simulators can be extremely valuable to aviation students, potential students, and established pilots. In addition, flight simulators can simply be a lot of fun for anyone, even those who h...
  2. Taking Your Career Literally Sky High - Aviation Training

    by Robert - 2008-08-16
    A commercial flight is never complete without flight attendants coming in to direct you to your seats, or serve you drinks, or perform the standard air safety precaution routine. Flight attendants ha...
  3. An Affordable Heat-pump Water-heater Retrofit

    by wsueb - 2008-07-31
    An Affordable Heat-Pump Water-Heater RetrofitThe engineers at AirGenerate (previously Beyond Pollution) appear to have done something remarkable: create an affordable, effective, heat-pump water heat...
  4. Training Strategies For The Best Learning Outcomes

    by Kevin Sinclair - 2008-07-26
    New members of your downline will look to you for training and advice or assistance to help them get established in the business. They will be keen to succeed and highly motivated to learn. Here are ...
  5. How Cutting Back Communication Can Save You Time and Money - Part I

    by Steven Sonsino - 2008-07-15
    How do YOU communicate with your people? If you need to let your staff know something - the latest pay offer, when the office party is, that their department is being restructured - how do you do it?...
  6. Supervisor Courses: Identifying the Different Inclusions

    by sheila Mulrennan - 2008-07-15
    Some supervisor courses are suggested for those who are in the said position or for individuals who are aspiring to become one. They will teach you how to become a better leader and motivator of your...
  7. Negotiation Training Can Help in Overcoming Intimidation in Negotiations

    by Wayne Hemrick - 2008-06-04
    When business executives and owners step out into the marketplace for the first time or into a new market, many often find the experience intimidating.  You may not yet be aware of what the other par...
  8. How to Train and Groom Precious Human Resources?

    by Prof.M.S.Rao - 2008-05-21
    "The illiterate of the 21 century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn", Alvin Toffler.INTRODUCTION:"By spending just 10 per cent of GDP (RS 4,90...
  9. Inspiration, Motivation and the Link to Hypnosis (article Four)

    by John Bell - 2008-04-21
    I am very popular with audiences connected to the pharmaceutical industry. An ability to motivate and inspire patients is one of the most important tools found in a physician's bag.Before modern medic...
  10. How to Give Feedback?

    by Prof.M.S.Rao - 2008-04-20
    WHAT IS FEEDBACK?"Feedback can be defined as the tool that projects and presents the information which highlights if there are any gaps between the intentions and the actions with in the individual as...
  11. Puppy Training for Salespeople?

    by Clayton Shold - 2007-12-22
    Friends of mine recently had a new addition to their family which they are very excited about. She is a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle and it is exactly what they were hoping for. As we...
  12. Developing Well-formed Outcomes With Nlp

    by Andrew Wood - 2007-08-06
    An outcome is a goal that you develop in such a way that conforms to your subconscious mind. A goal is usually quite general, whereas an outcome is specific to the individual and provides a very clear...
  13. Why Webinars Make Sense for Management Training

    by Jonathan Blocker - 2007-08-06
    If you are the person responsible for your company's management training, you are always on the lookout for interesting and useful seminars that would help your managers grow in knowledge and skill. ...
  14. Everyone From Sales Professionals to Software Developers

    by Jonathan Blocker - 2007-07-25
    With Microsoft Visio, everyone from sales professionals to software developers can quickly create a visio drawing that depicts easy-to-understand flow charts, organizational diagrams and application m...
  15. The Art of Speaking: Winning the Mental Game of Presenting

    by Bill Cole, MS, MA - 2007-01-01
    How many of your speeches could be considered artistic? Do your audiences view you as a master speaker? What would you have to do to boost your speaking to the next level?Highly experienced speakers n...