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  1. Heat-Up Your Negotiations by Using this Refrigerator Salesman's Trick

    by Dr. Gary S. Goodman - 2006-12-05
    A major benefit of being a full-time consultant is that you get a chance to learn an amazing amount from your clients. In a sense, this is a career where every day you're enjoying a continuing educati...
  2. Negotiation: Is The Seller Motivated?

    by Dr. Gary S. Goodman - 2006-12-05
    Whatever you're negotiating, it is essential to gauge the urgency with which the other party wants to or needs to make a deal.When you're buying a piece of real estate, for example, one of the key que...
  3. What to Say When A Buyer Calls

    by Rich Jackim - 2006-12-04
    Every business owner is approached from time to time by would-be buyers who express interest in courting them for acquisition. The way you handle those early interactions can make a huge difference in...
  4. Speaker Negotiations: Offer a "Plain-Wrap" Version of Yourself, Too

    by Dr. Gary S. Goodman - 2006-12-02
    The other day I was approached by someone who wants a Webinar speaker, and I am an experienced one, in addition to being a conventional platform type.But he wanted to pay less than my prevailing rate ...