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  1. Australia Solar Panel Government Rebates

    by Jake Reynolds - 2009-03-20
    After getting a multitude of questions, regarding the Australia solar panel government rebates, we discovered the following information on the topic. The listed information is a brief descripti...
  2. Environment, Solar Photovoltaic industry trends in the US

    by SUNIL NAIR - 2009-03-19
    Report on US Solar Photovoltaic Market Analysis and Forecasts to 2013 Report (
  3. Hard Water Causes Problems For Plumbing Pipes

    by adyan corkern - 2009-03-17
    With most states, we as citizens live and deal with hard water and the problems that come from it. Hard water does many things that will cripple almost things it touches, it is not picky. It will also...
  4. Global Warming And What We All Do To Help

    by suegold - 2009-03-16
    Global warming refers to the increase in average temperature near the earth's surface and in its oceans. Climate change is another term used interchangeably with global warming. However, climate chang...
  5. Environment, Consider a Cruise for your next Set of Vacation Plans

    by MICHAEL PODLESNY - 2009-03-16
    Before I met my wife I had never even considered going on a cruise. The reason being I had always thought of cruising as a "couples" oriented vacation, along with the constant "on the go" type of...
  6. Health, Are We Killing Ourselves With the Personal Care Products We Use?

    by WENDY JOHNSTON - 2009-03-16
    If you've been paying attention, you may have noticed a growing concern about the toxic chemicals present in the personal care products we use every day; toxins that enter our skin and go straight...
  7. 123 Cleanup - Water Restoration Detroit

    by Leo Nov - 2009-03-15
    If you have suffered from a water leak or burst pipe and desperately require a mop up operation and a professional water restoration agent in Detroit, allow 123 Cleanup to send their fast and skilled ...
  8. Environment, Worldwide oil & gas production led to falling due to financial crisis

    by SUNIL NAIR - 2009-03-14
    Impact of the Financial Crisis on Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Investment Report (
  9. Environment, Compare Air Purifiers - Learn What to Look For

    by ALLISON MAC - 2009-03-13
    Air purifiers are a necessity in order to breath clean air in our homes. Learn which models have made the top ten list and compare the features and benefits. Knowing what to look for will make c...
  10. Food & Beverages, Enjoy Hopland Spring Passport in Mendocino County "Americas Greenest Wine Growing Region"

    Enjoy Hopland Spring Passport in Mendocino County "Americas Greenest Wine Growing Region" By Nelson Family Vineyards Dated: Mar 06, 2009 Participants explore exceptional wines, speak t...
  11. Environment, Camping: Which Style is Best for you

    by MICHAEL PODLESNY - 2009-03-13
    If you are new to camping or are thinking about taking this activity up then I say what took you so long. Camping is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors and everything the environment has to ...
  12. Environment, Alen Air Purifiers - What Makes Them Special?

    by ALLISON MAC - 2009-03-13
    Having a home air purifier has become the trend as we are learning more and more how polluted our indoor air is. Learn how the combination of different technologies that the Alen air purifier use...
  13. Clean Up With 123 Cleanup

    by Leo Nov - 2009-03-12
    Do you have an urgent need to find a high quality cleaning service to help do damage control on unfortunate accidents in and around your house? If you are struggling with the results of fire damage, s...
  14. Environment, Save Money, Save Energy

    by MICHAEL PODLESNY - 2009-03-12
    The economy is struggling as are most Americans right along with it. We are looking for different ways to save some money. Whether it is cutting down on driving the car to save on gas, clipping ...
  15. Home Improvement, Create Solar Power and Lower Your Electric Bill!

    by MISTY JEFFERSON - 2009-03-11
    With the demand for electricity increasing we can all expect to see our electricity prices increase, if we aren't already. Not only will the creation of solar power lower electric bills, it will a...
  16. Law, Asbestos Settlement Cases Are Common

    by ORLANDO GUTIERREZ - 2009-03-11
    Due to the increasing statistics of people falling victim to mesothelioma and other diseases caused in workplaces, asbestos settlement cases have become fairly common in the US and other countries...
  17. DIY Solar Power

    by Jake Reynolds - 2009-03-10
    Solar power is one of the best and most effective renewable energy sources available. The problem newbie environmental warriors find is that the financial burden of professionally installed sol...
  18. Environment, Recycle: Composting Your Food Waste

    by MICHAEL PODLESNY - 2009-03-10
    Every year Americans put thousands of tons of waste into landfills. Although government standards have become more strict on the way our trash gets placed into landfills, such as eliminating item...
  19. Blogs, Dream Dancer

    by ATHENA ALEXA - 2009-03-06
    The night has always called him, A dream within a dream, In the vastness of space and time, He gazes into tomorrow, Through the darkness of the midnight forest, He sees the memories of...
  20. Environment, Home Lighting: Why now is the time to make the switch

    by MICHAEL PODLESNY - 2009-03-02
    In case you have not noticed there is a nationwide trend and movement towards cleaner energy, energy efficiency and of course saving money while in the process of doing both. You could slap some ...