Creating Wedding Table Plans With a Seasonal Twist

by Adam Leyton - Date: 2010-10-27 - Word Count: 555 Share This!

One of the things which most people tend to take into consideration when creating wedding table plans, and in fact the decor and style of most of the wedding itself, is the season. Whenever you have your wedding, there's a pretty good chance that it's going to be in one of the four seasons of the year. If you've managed to time your wedding such that it isn't in any of those four seasons, then congratulations. I've no idea how that is possible, but congratulations anyway.

For those people who have planned their wedding either for spring, summer, autumn or winter, each of the seasons provides an abundant variety of opportunities in terms of colour scheme, theme, style, and even aspects such as the choice of menu. Autumn weddings are particularly popular at the moment, and this year there have been more autumn weddings than there have been spring or summer ones in the UK.

Autumn provides some wonderful colours, such as rich, deep reds, golds, creams and browns, and a whole range of opportunities as far as menus are concerned. Some people like to opt for the Halloween type ideas such as pumpkin pie, with others looking at the idea of thanksgiving, with turkey and roast potatoes.

Tables can of course be planned with all of the colours involved in autumn, and some people have even scattered autumn leaves across the table. Not real ones of course, but those paper leaves which can be purchased in many party shops.

One particular couple took this idea of theming wedding table plans to the season a little further than most, although admittedly their take on the whole idea of seasonal styling was completely unintentional to begin with.

The couple in question planned their wedding for the autumn, and the Bride in particular had a field day when it came to planning the tables, wedding table plans, decorations and menu. Unfortunately, as the plans took shape and the Big Day loomed ever closer it became necessary to postpone the wedding. The Groom was made redundant, and finances became rather tight, and so they decided to postpone their wedding until the next year.

Unfortunately the venue of choice was not going to be available during the autumn months they were looking for, and they wanted to get on with it, so reluctantly took the decision to have a spring wedding instead. Of course this meant that all of the wedding table plans and ideas that related to the autumn were now completely unsuitable and inappropriate. So the Bride set of work coming up with ideas the spring.

However, she was extremely sorry that the ideas she had come up with for the autumn theme were not going to be used, and after much thought, the couple came up with a novel idea.

Why not theme their wedding table plans for all four seasons?

What they decide to do was to divide the room up into four sections. Even the top table was divided into four sections. The first section was the spring, the second the summer, then autumn, with the final section of course styled for winter.

It was probably the only wedding in the world that took entire year to travel from one side to the other, but it did provide a unique opportunity for their wedding table plans to be styled very much their own way.

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