Cheloor Property Development Projects Limited - Corporate Overview

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A property developer upgrades the value of a property. He makes some kind of improvements to the property and increases the value. An individual can be a property developer, but in most of the cases, partnership, limited liability company or corporation. Cheloor property developers is a limited company with extensive property development experience.
The real factor is that property development business is risky. But of curse, property development projects will generally be profitable if the commitment of cash is kept to a minimum and the project can quickly start generating a positive cash flow sufficient to cover debt service. There are some added costs of property developers themselves called hard costs . There are some other cost too to be borne by the property developers, such as the fees of various and micsellaneous consultants necessary to get the work done properly. This cost is known as soft costs.
In Thrissur, nobody needs an introduction to the House of Cheloor. The business family, with a background dating back to more than 200 years and more than a century old business house especially in property development. Thanks to Mr.Ravi Cheloor who changed the focus of the family into business from the traditional roots in agriculture. Mr. Ravi Cheloor accelerated the velocity of this transition by founding Ramdas Movie House.
After the completion of Devaki Auditorium at Guruvayur, as of the part of business diversification, Cheloor business house has stepped into property development and film distribution. Cheloor Property Development Projects Limited is the Company behind a number of successful housing projects in Guruvayur, Thrissur and Ernakulam. Dr. Ramdas Cheloor, son of Mr. Ravi Cheloor is now upholds the visions and responsibilities of his father with untiring zeal.Dr.Ramdas is well experienced and widely travelled person with firm grip on Western values and Indian traditions India's economy grows and the information technology, and IT enabled services evolves and manufacturing industries expand, property development is emerging with a high velocity. Cheloor Property Development Projects Limited acquire raw land and redevelop the property to construct building projects and they mainly concentrate on apartment construction.

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