by Satish Verma - Date: 2007-09-27 - Word Count: 92 Share This!


Seeking mdutgence
like belly masks of words
in half-moon
I go crazy.
like studdering stars.

Humming sounds of poems
a swarm of bees in a box
like small buds opening with a musical explosion,
breezing scent of an absutraction.

I will wait for the tribulation
midnight tryst in dark
with spooky dreams.
The tune of hallucination has bee set
I am moving from door to door
to search my lost home.

Whom do I belong ?
I or me ? He or anonymom ?
Something has to be done for identity
of rhyme in transimages.

I may go hungry tonight
to invoke the rhythm of bluelight
striations of thoughts and current
through the mind.

Satish Verma

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