Russian Wifes - The Modern Fairies

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Single or married is the main dilemma of modern man. Here you will read a few pros which are not attempting to force you to take a Russian wife. No, they are just undisputable facts.

Marriage in the modern world is becoming a formality. Today many people are sharing their lives and love for each other without any written document proving their relationship. Russia is not exception from this tendency, though the process of liberalization of marriages is developing more slowly compared to countries like Netherlands, Sweden or the UK - where such practice is rife. Russian wifes prefer the tradition because of the popular opinion that if a man is not married, he can always escape with another woman, leaving the household and the whole burden to the wife.

Russian wifes are good mothers and housekeepers. They are devoted to those who treat them well, respect them and are able to make them feel secure. Family is very important especially for those who are over their 30's. Usually at that age most of them start thinking about children and looking for the best man to share their life with. Traditions are highly important at this stage. Women understand that a relationship leading to children is risky if it is not signed with a marriage contract.

When you come home after work, a Russian woman will ask questions and try to make the pressure and problems of the day much easier. Russian wifes are smart company, though not always understanding the customs in the modern corporate world. They will stay at the door waiting for you to arrive, and then they will take you by the hand and make you feel relaxed.

The secrets of a good relationship are not only limited to sex, but you will be surprised by the techniques your Russian bride can show you. Women pay attention to details and little by little you will feel your body obsessed by her intuitive sexy behaviour. At the end of the day what a man needs is just a few soothing hours with his beautiful wife.

Leaving sex aside, Russian wifes have fantastic cooking skills. Their cuisine is famous all around the world and coming from families with traditions in this, they are proving once again that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach - not true of course, if the man is on a diet!. Your spouse will amaze you with dishes like pirog (special pie with jam, cheese or honey).

Sexy even in the kitchen, Russian wifes are modern fairies with unique curative powers. Folk medicine is widely recognized in their native country and the truth is that the herbs they are able to mix in different proportions indeed have positive effect on the human body. Probably your Russian wife will shock you with the so called Samovar (traditional Russian big tea-urn). The soaked herbs prepared in it by your wife will refill you with energy and can cure almost everything: from flu to headache or even emotional ill-will.

In fact being married to a Russian and living with her will make you believe that paradise DOES exist and it is here, on the earth. Do not be afraid to take this serious step and ask your foreign fiance to marry you because the advantages of having a Russian wife are much more than those of being unengaged single man. Get to it!

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