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Not all women are blessed with perfect skin tone and attractive features but with some effective face make up tips most can reach closer to what they desire to become. Face make up is the best way to highlight your attractive features and cover up your facial flaws.

One needs to be familiar with the make up techniques to bring out the best in their personality. There are several brand cosmetics available in the market that when used skillfully can create wonders. Known to be the girl`s best friend, these cosmetics should be carefully selected and surely discarded on expiry. And if you want to learn the basic face make up techniques, then here are some tips that will help you get the right face make up:

Base or foundation:

Start with applying appropriate base and moisturizer on your face. Also cover ears, neck and nape portions that are visible. Use a tissue paper to wipe off the excess moisture, if any. Apply foundation dots across your face and blend it well so as to cover your blemishes and other facial flaws. Opt for oil-free products that contain salicyclic acid or tea tree oil. Now take some ice cubes and quickly rub them on your skin. This will close all the pores on your face. Now dab with a tissue and apply compact powder. Make sure to select a range that matches with your complexion and hence gels well with your skin tone.


Select eye shadow according to your dress and day time. For evening, opt for darker shades and for bright daylight occasion go for lighter color eye shadows. You can also try some golden or silver glitter, if you are going for some evening party bash but better avoid it if you are attending something more formal.

Now carefully apply eyeliner to define your eye shape. Use kohl along your eye rims and then apply mascara on your eyelashes. It is important to note that big eyes do not require much enhancement and hence eye makeup should be kept minimal but for smaller eyes you should go for thick eye lining and also darker kohl so that the eyes look prominent.


Apply pencil lip liner to outline your lips. It will ensure that your lipstick or gloss does not smear. Now with a lip brush apply lip color on your lips. Go for color shades that will suit your skin tone. For lasting effect, you can apply some oil-free foundation on your lips before applying lipstick. After you fill in your lip with the lip color, apply some lip gloss. This will add sparkle to your lip make up. However, you can avoid gloss if you prefer a mat look for the occasion.

Blush on:

Now accentuate your features with blush on. Roll on the brush on the apt shade and gently apply it on the side of your cheeks. Try to keep it natural and hence avoid over use of blush on. Select right color shades that will suit your complexion. For instance, while pink and beige blushes will look good on fair skin, plum and bronze shades will complement darker skin tone and for olive skin tone copper, almond and warm brown shades will be the best.

Touch up:

Always remember to carry a lipstick, a lip gloss, compact powder, some tissues and a small mirror with you. You can give a quick touch up to your face makeup in case it starts wearing off. Lastly but most importantly carry yourself confidently.

Important tips:

Use good quality cosmetics that suit your skin type and skin tone, and discard expired cosmetics because their continuous use can lead to infections. For removing the make up use oil-free makeup remover that does not clog the pores.

If you carefully follow the above mentioned tips, you are sure to learn about the right make up for your face. Moreover, with time and practice you will also discover other important details that will help you to customize the face make up procedures to suit your facial skin and features.

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