Sony Nw-e005 Mp3 Player Review

by Jean Roberts - Date: 2009-09-08 - Word Count: 406 Share This!

Sony has always been known for the quality of the products they sell. They have been renowned for their laptops, television sets, cameras, cellular phones, components and music players. That is the reason why Sony has received the best mp3 player reviews. The more reason why it did not surprise us all when Sony released the NW-E005 Flash Digital Music Player and became one of the must haves of adults and teens alike. This new Sony mp3 player is just light and only weighs lesser than an ounce. However, that does not mean that the sound quality has been compromised. The sound quality remains the same. This mp3 player has its own FM tuner feature also that has programmable presets that allows you to save the channels that you like for your convenience of browsing over your favorite stations. Another thing about this product is that listening to MP3 songs will not be boring anymore especially if you have not been updating your list of songs. This is because with its FM tuner, it is now easy for you to stay in tuned with the latest songs and popular ones that usually hit the air waves.
This new Sony MP3 player is a gadget that can be used anytime of the day and any day of the week. You can always bring this with you whenever you want to tone your muscles in the gym, let it accompany you while you take your morning run or the afternoon walk at the park. If you are traveling, this mp3 player can be a good company too and will surely not bore you out especially if you are having a long trip. In short, you can bring this anywhere you want to! You can bring this while you are strolling in the malls, doing your exercise, biking, cooking, driving, walking or even while you are sleeping! That is how powerful and efficient this Sony mp3 player is. And if you get bored with your mp3, you can always switch between channels and tune in to your favorite radio station.
Moreover, Sony NW-EE005 MP3 Player holds a 2 gigabyte worth of memory which allows you to save up to 1,350 mp3 songs to listen to. The memory is also a built in flash memory. And, for more convenience, this Sony mp3 player has a rotating OLED display that would make navigation through the player be easier than it has to be.

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