Automotive What You Must Know about the Mini Motorcycle

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What You Need to Know about the Mini Motorcycle

A mini motorcycle is basically a smaller, cuter version of a regular motorcycle. Traditional mini motorcycles are usually equipped with 4-stroke engines that turn the rear wheel by use of a chain. While the engine used by mini motorcycles are similar to that of lawnmower motors, a regular lawnmower engine may not be used for assembling mini motorcycles. The newer models of mini motorcycles may have 2-stroke motors as well as electric-powered engines.

Like the go-cart, which is sort of a mini car, mini motorcycles were initially assembled using spare parts one could find in the garage. These became popular in the 50s as bikes used to scoot around the pits for drag racing. Because of their small size and easy maneuverability, mini motorcycles are quite popular for use in short-distance transportation.

The mini motorcycle has evolved into many special types:

1. Pit Bikes ? these follow the original purpose of mini motorcycles as utility scooters during drag races. Sometimes, pit bikes are used for some motocross competitions.

2. Mini Choppers ? these mini motorcycles are made to look like helicopters

3. Pocket Bikes ? These mini motorcycles look just like their bigger relatives and are used for racing as well.

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4. Mini Quad Bikes ? these mini motorcycles are small versions of the four-wheeled all-terrain vehicles.

Because mini motorcycles are small but can reach high speeds, riders are advised to take extra precautions when riding them. Mini motorcycles can reach speeds beyond 40 miles per hour and thus they can be hazardous even to adults. Thus it is important for riders to be fully equipped with safety gear such as elbow pads, gloves, helmets, and knee pads when taking a mini motorcycle for a ride.

When riding mini motorcycles, it is important to wear something that can prevent scrapes and bruises. Riders are also advised to wear a good and sturdy pair of jeans. Wearing bikinis or being naked while riding a mini motorcycle is totally discouraged.

Because of its size and speed, mini motorcycles are banned on most public roads in the US. They are seen as potential causes of hazards. Violation usually results into fines or even confiscation of the bike. Thus, mini motorcycles are usually confined to private areas.

Mini motorcycles are fun to have even though they may be quite unusual as a regular means of transportation. But as mentioned, extra care must be taken when owning a mini motorcycle to fully enjoy these little wonders.

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