Three Popular Excuses Not to Take Out Wedding Insurance

by Adam Leyton - Date: 2010-11-13 - Word Count: 592 Share This!

People can be funny when it comes to taking out wedding insurance, coming up with a whole variety of excuses and reasons why they probably don't need it. Yet the reality is that almost one in every two weddings that took place in the UK last year experienced some sort of problem which ended up with the Bride and Groom falling back on their wedding insurance policy to help them out. In some cases this may have been relatively minor, such as paying for cleaning costs for any damage to a hired suit, but in others the cost may have well been several thousand pounds.

When asked about wedding insurance people tend to come up with one of three main reasons why they feel that personally they don't need wedding insurance. But the reality is that all three of these popular reasons are quite untrue, and excuses rather than reasons. So what are the three popular excuses why people don't take out wedding insurance, and what is the reality?

The first reason why people don't tend to take out wedding insurance is that they claim it is too expensive. They often claim that they are already spending many thousands of pounds on their wedding, and simply can't afford any additional expense.

Far from being a reason not to take out wedding insurance, this is exactly why people should take out an insurance policy. If the budget is already stretched, then how will you cope if a problem occurs? If the Bride goes down with food poisoning the day before the wedding, a hurricane rips the roof of the wedding venue, or the wedding photographer goes bankrupt the day before the wedding, exactly how are you going to afford to put things right unless you do have a wedding insurance policy in place? The truth is that a wedding insurance policy can cost from only around 20, and when you consider that the average wedding in the UK costs over 20,000, it really is a drop in the ocean.

Another reason why people tend not to opt for insurance policies is because they say that they are unlikely to need it. Quite how these people manage to acquire 20:20 foresight and the art of predicting the future with so much accuracy is unclear, but clearly any insurance policy is necessary precisely because we are unable to predict the future. If we could predict the future accurately we wouldn't need any form of insurance. Of the quarter of a million weddings which took place in the UK last year, over half of them experienced some sort of problem that had to be put right by their insurance company.

The third reason seems rather more understandable, and is that people feel that wedding insurance policies are only covering things that are already covered by other policies, such as the payment protection offered by the credit card companies, home insurance policies, health policies, life insurance policies and travel insurance policies.

This might on the surface seem perfectly reasonable, but the reality is that once you take the entire event out of a home and place it in a public venue most people's insurance policies are no longer valid. Credit card payment protection may only covers payments up to a certain amount, and there is simply far too much of the wedding that is still not covered. For the sake of 20 or so, coming up with reasons not to have wedding insurance is actually significantly harder than coming up with very good reasons why you should be covered by a good policy.

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