Success Story for the Law of Attraction

by Robert Higginson - Date: 2007-02-15 - Word Count: 577 Share This!

On Saturday February 3, 2007 a dear friend told me about a big problem that was really weighing her down. In just a few days she was scheduled to go to court for a 3 day long preliminary hearing to hear charges made against her that she was criminally negligent in the death of her 9 year old daughter some 2 years earlier. Her daughter died of an undiagnosed form of bacterial meningitis. As if dealing with the death of her oldest daughter weren't enough, now she had men in suits accusing HER of that death.

We had both seen the movie "The Secret" and read many books on the Law of Attraction and we talked about how to apply those principles to this situation. The first challenge we faced was clearly defining what we wanted and what we didn't want in language that the universe would understand. The first thought was that we didn't want to go to court. But we knew that if we put that out there, the universe would only hear "go to court" and create more court battles. So my friend said that she didn't want to have a criminal record. Again, knowing that the universe only brings us more of what we focused on, we knew "criminal record" could not be any part of our focus.

So what could we focus on? We decided to focus on how we would celebrate when the universe had resolved this issue in the best possible way. My friend said that she wanted to go on a trip. We started to get excited, and our energy immediately changed as we focused on the details of this fun trip. She would fly to California to visit friends and I would drive her to the airport. We even talked about playing our favorite CD's on the way to the airport. We were generating all kinds of great vibrations, and really feeling good. And I have learned from experience that our part in getting the universe to create what we desire is for us to feel good. Isn't that amazing that the universe takes care of all the details and gives us the assignment of feeling good.

But then the good feeling left. My friend said that she was planning this trip anyway, so that in her mind the trip was no longer a celebration of what she wanted the universe to deliver. But we were already in such a good vibration that creating a plan "B" was easy. Using some of the money that had been set aside for legal fees, and court costs, we would have a celebration party. And we would dedicate a large part of the money to serving others by paying for their education and training. We both felt that this commitment to serve others was a very powerful feeling, and would truly turn bad into good.

All of this happened on Saturday evening February 3rd. On Monday morning February 5th my friend received a call from her lawyer saying that all charged would be dropped, the only condition would be that my friend would be required to take a nutrition class. (Which is a topic my friend loves to study anyway!) And of course we will be holding that celebration party soon. And we trust that the universe will guide us to the people who are the most deserving of financial aid for their education.

The law of attraction works and it often works with amazing speed.

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Robert Higginson is a Life Coach who specializes in the Law of Attraction (as seen in The Secret) Robert lives in Utah and can be reached by phone at 801-225-2733 or Email at Robert loves to talk to people about the Law of Attraction and welcomes all inquiries.

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