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French kissing is personal, its erotic and it 80% of women said they wish their partner kissed more. Furthermore 51% of women in a recent poll said that they had at some point in their life ditched their partner because they were a bad kisser!

If you want to know how to give a mind blowing kiss and kiss with confidence, then here are some simple tips to make you a great kisser.

1. Relax and Concentrate

If you are to give a great French kiss, you must be relaxed. One of the biggest turn offs is being kissed by someone who is tense and anxious - the mood is immediately transferred to your partner and is a total passion killer.

So relax your body and clear your mind so you can concentrate on only one thing - the kiss itself.

2. Use Your Body

As you can gather from point 1, you must relax and this means relaxing your body. You should also use your body get close to your partner and press yourself against them.

Make sure you use your hands, to hold and caress your partner and touch their back and the buttocks.

While a French kiss transmits your feelings through your mouth, you will add a lot to the experience if you show how much you want and desire your partner, by being close to them and caressing them.

3. Receiving and Responding

Next, you need to tilt your head to one side and gently insert your tongue into your partner's mouth and this is where the fun begins!

There is actually no right way to French kiss - the actual kiss itself depends on what you and your partner like in terms of tongue movement and pressure. Some people like lots of aggression and speed and others like slower gentler kisses and some of course like a combination of both.

Start gently and see how your partner responds and simply go with the flow.

French kissing should simply develop naturally and you and your partner will be transmitting what type of kisses you like. How they kiss you and how you kiss them will then flow naturally.

No matter what type of kiss you are giving your partner, fast or slow, gentle or hard, you need to vary the technique. Slow down speed up and tease your partner by taking your tongue away and so on.

If you add variety, you will add expectancy and excitement and remember, predictability in French kissing is a total turn off.

4. Breaks

When kissing you will need to have breaks of air, but don't let the passion die! Keep body contact keep stroking and caressing and target one of the best erogenous zones - the neck.

Kissing of the neck is one of the biggest turn ons for both men and women so get your partner moaning with pleasure by targeting this area. Another great area to target are the ear lobes. The ear lobes are a mass of nerve endings and nibbling and kissing them is again an immense turn on

5. The Perfect French Kiss

Is different for everyone, but making the perfect French kiss is easy to achieve:

Just relax, respond to what you receive, use your body and use breaks for air, to transmit your desire and passion.

A French kiss should develop naturally and the above tips will ensure that it does and you will kiss with confidence.


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