Sign of a Cheating Spouse: Catching Them Just Got Tougher

by Daryl Campbell - Date: 2008-05-13 - Word Count: 543 Share This!

The renowned singer Connie Francis once sang "Lipstick on your collar told a tale on you." The song maybe dated but the sentiment remains. Catching a cheating spouse in many ways still comes down to the same warning signs that have been around since time immemorial.

In addition to lipstick on the collar, a sign of a cheating spouse includes unexplained (or badly explained) changes in their personal appearance, the classic working late but not really, unaccounted for charges on the credit card as well as a noticeable distance and secretiveness beginning to dominate the relationship.

There are a multitude of signs to be on guard for if you have suspicions your spouse is cheating. Unfortunately in this day and age, two things which have become an integral part of our lives are also major obstacles when it comes to discovering marital infidelity.

1. The Internet

They do not call it the information highway for nothing. The ability to instantaneously connect with someone from around the globe is a technological marvel. It's also an avenue for temptation. It has become all too easy to meet people who have no compunction about hooking up for some offline romance. The almost unlimited supply of potential partners has made the internet THE place to cheat.

Online cheating allows someone to remain anonymous while also affordsing them the capacity to cover their tracks. This takes on a more heightened effectiveness if the unfaithful spouse tends to be more computer savvy than their significant other. They could literally be carrying on an affair while sitting in the same room as their partner.

Even if the person tells themselves they would never cross the line by actually meeting their online companion, it still comes down to taking away emotionally from the relationship they are currently in. Besides that, curiosity is a powerful motivator. If two parties are really hitting it off well in cyberspace then somewhere down the line the pull to meet the other person maybe a little too strong to ignore.

2. The Mobile

In the old days frequent calls at inappropriate moments or just picking up a telephone extension could tell you all you needed to know about whether a spouse was cheating. And now? Not so much. The cell phone has been a gift to many an unfaithful partner.

Besides the obvious benefit of being able to take all calls directly, the cell phone also allows the cheating spouse to keep tabs on their significant other. If for instance both parties decide that an afternoon rendezvous would make their day go better, than a quick call to find out your whereabouts and what's on your immediate agenda will tell your partner all they need to know. Being able to coordinate the movements of all parties involved after receiving immediate information has in far too many instances taken cheating to a new level.

The tested and proven methods of catching a cheating spouse are always going to be with us. No matter how much precaution someone goes through to keep their extramarital affair hidden, they are still human and subject to making mistakes. But the reality is the internet along with mobile phones has made the job of catching a cheating spouse a whole lot tougher.

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Article written by Daryl Campbell -The internet has arguably been the number one game changer when it comes to catching an unfaithful spouse but it can be done. Find out how at The Relationship Tip

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