Ninja Games Online: Ninjack

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Ninjack is a free online ninja game that involves fighting with enemies on different levels. The hero is dressed in a karate outfit. Game play involves fighting with monsters and enemy Samurais. The enemies appear in several locations in the platform levels. Players have to search for the secrets and switches in order to win the game. There are many spikes throughout the levels that will appear suddenly, also spikes that move up and down automatically. The spikes are located on the ground or upside down. If you jump and accidentally hit the spikes, your health bar will be depleted. There is also a bird that flies in a straight line and shoots at you.

In certain levels, the pavement can move from side to side and fetch you to the order side in between the gap. There are many ladders throughout the levels. The availability of a ladder allows you to climb up to a higher ledge, while enemies will keep moving from left to right. Keep in mind that the game foes need not reach you physically in order to drain your stamina. If you touch the enemy, you will be injured. There are many things you can collect in the game including keys, jars, shurikens and etc. To collect an item, you simply touch it. Once you touch the item, the item will automatically become yours.

Players control the direction of Ninjack by using the left and right arrow keys. You can press the up arrow to jump. If you want to duck to avoid an attack, you can press the down arrow button. To punch your enemy, you can press the spacebar button and right row button. To perform a spinkick, press spacebar and the up arrow button. If you want to kick, you must hold down the spacebar and left arrow button. The shurikens can be thrown by holding the spacebar and down arrow. Each player will start with 3 shurikens. The number of shurikens you have is displayed on top of the screen.

The health of the player is represented by a red health bar. If an enemy hit you, the red health bar will become shorter and shorter. When the health bar is completely depleted, you will die and the game is over. The score is displayed in the top section of the screen so the player may be aware of his progress at all times.

This free online ninja game allows the player to submit his score after each game. You don't have to win the game to submit the score. When your game is over, a message box will appear and inform you about the total score that you have earned. To submit your score, you should click on the SUBMIT button. The score is recorded as submitted by an anonymous person so that no one knows your identity. Ninjack also allow you to challenge a friend. Ninjack will send an invitation email on your email to invite him to challenge you and beat your score.

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