Meta Tags Can Help With the Indexing of your Site

by David Fishman - Date: 2007-04-26 - Word Count: 634 Share This!

When it comes to your Meta tags you want them to contain key information about your website as well as your top keywords. Make sure they keywords are in the title as well as in the body of the text. Make sure you write a description about your page using specific information and keywords, but keep it short and sweet. All your keywords should always be relevant to the content within the page they describe. With the title tag, each search engine looks at it and uses it primarily the same way, to summarize and compile the websites contents for its search engine users. The how and where your keywords are in your title tag are the most important element with to which you can get benefit from using title tag. Choosing keywords is an essential part of producing a successful website.

When creating the title for the website makes sure you include keywords in the title that are on the page. There has been a lot of talk about title tags about how they are not important anymore, but in reality they are still important. On your page to properly place your title tag you should put it between the HEAD tags, one of the best place to include it is right after the HEAD tag. Most of the SE use the meta title as the title of the page. When you do a search on search engines the title that is listed is the title on the website and sometime the Meta title is used. Once you understand why the title is so important, you can easily write more effective title tags. The title is so important because the first thing that a human searcher sees is the title. The Meta title is a critical factor in controlling where your site is listed in search engines.

In many results the Meta description will appear on the results page right under the title. The only caveat to remember is that your META description will only show if the search term is in the META description. Try to keep the title brief so it is not cut off in the results, it is best practice if you keep the description under 200 characters.. Your description contains your important key phrase and key words. Place your description in the opening paragraph, if you do this the description is weighted heavier by search engines. Sometimes even google picks up description tag. Make sure that title and description is crafted neatly and attracts both visitors and search engines.

Bots have been spidering the web since the '90's, including pages into various collections. Pictures are worth 1000 words to you and me, but zero to a search engine. Even if you ensure you have completely relevant Meta Tags, some search engines will still ignore them. Always make sure that your meta tags do not have any line breaks. The more educated you are about what search engines are looking for, the better you will be able to respond and rise in the rankings.

If you only put the description in the Meta tag section, then the search engine robots will see it but many of your visitors will not. Don't hide this information in a place where your readers cannot see it. Meta tags are HTML elements used to provide structured metadata about a web page. Using Meta tags is not some magic answer that everyone thinks it is. Meta Tags are most commonly used to distinguish the keywords that are relevant to a page's content. The robots do scan the Meta tags and some of the search engines will use the information from them. Meta tags are still important today, they might not be as important but you still need to use them if you want to compete with other sites.

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