Hospitality Pavilions Smoking Shelters

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A hospitality pavilion smoking shelter is a pavilion smoking shelter that is located in a hospitality area such as those used for entertaining, or having honored guests. This can be located anywhere, such as an outside pavilion or in a separate part of the building, this is a courtesy for smokers among honored guests or celebrities. Most hotels have these types of pavilion smoking shelters, but most are located outside. This also is dependant on where you are at and what rules of government apply or what city rules apply in this area.

Some hospitality pavilion smoking shelters are very beautifully constructed. Some have an octagonal shape, others a tent or pagoda shape. The designs vary throughout the world. Some are just simple octagons of wood and fabric. Others are more elaborate and ornate. This again depends on where you go.

Is safety a factor in these pavilion smoking shelters? These types of shelters are very safe. They would have to be both for the safety of the smokers and any place one of these pavilion smoking shelters are to be put up. They must also offer comfort to the smokers and designed with them in mind.

With the pavilion smoking shelters, ease, beauty and functionality are combined so that the hospitality areas are not only beautiful but completely functional and do not take away from the setting around them. These pavilions exist no matter where you go. No two designs seem to be the same. Some hospitality pavilion smoking shelters are also private rooms, especially in upscale hotels and airports. That way, no one will know who is in there and smoking. It offers complete privacy and a place to relax. This is essential if you have important guests arriving that want to be as private as possible. This allows them to smoke and have a modum of decency. This helps keep the comfort level of your important guests at an even level, which makes for happy guests who will come back time and again. This means more business and hopefully repeat business for you.

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