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With the gradual saturation in the current mobile market, manufacturers are constantly trying to create specialized handsets aimed to carter to the need of a section of the market. Even in the specialized sections like music phones or camera phones, competition is getting fierce with each passing day. For the outdoor section, people in active sports and other outdoor activities, a separate genre of 'Sport phones' were introduced. These sport centric handsets are physically very strong, splash resistant, and have other functions used in exercising. Among the pioneer and most successful sport handset is the Nokia 5500 sport.

The Nokia 5500 have three dedicated "modes". The phone, music and sports mode. The first two modes are pretty obvious. 'On Sports mode, the phone acts as a perfect company while you sweat it out and help you keep an eye on your progress. With a rubberized keypad along with protective casing, the phone can take a lot of beating. But durability is not the only USP of the Nokia 5500. It includes a host of 3G features and is the smallest smart phone from Nokia.

This tri-band phone have splendid audio quality and network signal reception. The reception and sound quality of the in-built FM radio is pretty decent. Listen to your favourite music on the integrated media player while you jog or work out. The sound quality is comparable to any top of the line music phone. The camera also have an integrated 2.0 megapixel CMOS camera with auto-focus and digital zoom. So whether it is the pleasant sunrise in your morning jog or a romantic sunset during your evening walk, capture anything that catch your imagination and share it with anyone you like.

Loaded with almost all the goodies a smart phone have to offer, the Nokia 5500 sports is all set to play a long innings.

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