Yahoo Catches Up with Google & MSN: Will it dominate geo-targeting?

by Aaron Wittersheim - Date: 2007-07-03 - Word Count: 336 Share This!

Not only has Yahoo finally joined the geo-targeting world; it appears the search engine giant is staking claim to a "best practice" status among its biggest competition. The company is well on its way to mastering the match between location and search.
The turning point for Yahoo, the company says, was its acquisition in 2005 of the London-based WhereOnEarth Inc., which had developed a proprietary system that helped recognize locations in search queries. The company also opted to add a data collection function to its system called My Locations, which allows users to manage daily landing spots on the Internet, such as weather, entertainment and local-retail sites. The data gives Yahoo a closer understanding of its users' interests and geographic preferences.
These two powerful mechanisms, in combination with Yahoo's tracking of IP addresses, created a highly refined, well-researched geographic targeting model for advertisers.
In essence, it has become the substance to support the supposition that consumers, for the most part, want to shop locally.
Geo-targeting is simple, easily applied and useful to advertisers of all sizes and in all businesses, so Yahoo's push for dominance makes sense. It gives all advertisers a far deeper level of control over their advertising. Yahoo's more-precise information about the search habits of users is just the type of detail local, regional and national advertisers have been waiting for. It offers significant benefits to all three approaches. These marketers can use the knowledge to customize national campaigns by zone; zero in on specific regional service areas; and, identify potential customers down to the neighborhood level.
The search giant also has integrated its dynamic geo-targeting system into company verticals, including Yahoo Autos, Yahoo Shopping and Yahoo Local, so that when a query is made, whether a location is specified or not, a retailer within up to a 100-mile radius is displayed at or near the top of results automatically.
It is this type of innovation and forward-thinking that is rocketing the company to geo-targeting excellence, and will continue to push it deeper into the localized marketplace.

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