Quilted Keeper Handbags Or Authentic Marc Jacob Blake Handbags?

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A true handbag lover would have handbags from Paraguay to China. There are however, few handbags that truly deserve to be kept on a pedestal. Two of these are Blake handbags from Marc Jacob and quilted keepers.

Blake by Marc Jacob

Nothing speaks of class and elegance more than a Blake handbag by Marc Jacob. With this exquisite piece in your hand, you can get away with looking like a celebrity. The Blake bag has been around since 2004. It has been four years since but its elegant style is still something to die for. Blake by Marc Jacob is made only from real calfskin leather. This ensures that every piece is soft to the touch with each piece having a unique leather grain.

Blake isn't too large but its size makes it great for carrying around just about anywhere. Even with its compact appearance though, it does have three internal spaces to arrange your things in and two external pockets highlighted by two silver locks that bear Marc Jacob's name. If you love Blake, you can get one of every color. There's Blake in black, green, red, pink, chestnut and cinnamon.

Of course, authentic Marc Jacob Blake handbags are too beautiful not to copy. It is pretty obvious that there is a multitude of knockoff Blake bags out there. Unfortunately, it may be a bit difficult to tell the difference. Aside from possible differences in the texture of the material and the quality of the colors, you can also help spot knockoffs based on where you buy your Blake and for how much. Real Blake bags can cost around $400 to $1000 dollars. To protect yourself from knockoffs, always buy Blake from high end reputable stores.

Keepers in Quilt

Another fashionable bag style is the quilted keeper. There are of course so many different quilted keepers to choose from. They can be made of fabric, leather or synthetic fabric. The designs also range from very informal to classic elegant. It is probably because of its wide range of styles and designs that make this style perfect for all occasions.

Keepers made of fabric are the most affordable bags. For just $30 or less, you get a handy container perfect for keeping small items like make-up, purses and ID cards. You never have to stuff them all down your pockets when you need to make a fast trip to the store. If you want something more formal, you should opt for quilted keepers that are made of authentic leather.

Among the many top of the line leather quilted bags are those from Marc Jacob. Aside from being convenient to carry around, quilted Marc Jacob bags are absolutely elegant and refined.

You may prefer quilted keeper handbags or plain leather bags. If it's Marc Jacob, he probably has just the right style that you want.

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