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by Peter Hale - Date: 2007-01-20 - Word Count: 353 Share This!

This review examines what impact web 2.0 type user generated content will have on business, providing links to some articles and a BBC Radio 4 podcast that discuss this issue.

The first article in this review of BBC articles on User Generated Content is this article by Professor Michael Geist of the University of Ottawa. An important recommendation Professor Geist makes on actions Government can take relating to improving access to public research is this - "the introduction of open access requirements for publicly-funded research". Other content of the article is -"Internet law professor Michael Geist describes how governments can help their citizens make the most of the web. Time Magazine's choice late last month of "You" (by which it meant all the users generating content on the web) as the person of the year was mocked by critics as a poor choice that by-passed several notable political leaders. Yet the choice may ultimately be viewed as the tipping point when the remarkable outbreak of internet participation that encompasses millions of bloggers, music remixers, amateur video creators, citizen journalists, wikipedians, and Flickr photographers broke into the mainstream." Professor Geist explains "the role of government will be to support the enormous economic and cultural potential of user-generated content, while avoiding steps that might impede its growth."

How to help users help themselves -

Other articles about user generated content are -

BBC Technology news - Web users driving change in 2007 - - Mark Ward Technology Correspondent - 1st January 2007.

'You' named Time's person of 2006 - - 17th December 2006.

Below is a BBC Radio 4 program (downloadable - listen again) that explains how the new approaches to open source and web software allowing user-generated content is likely to affect business -

BBC Radio 4 - New Wave Computing - - Peter Day talks to some of the rising stars of the new revolution and finds out how the computer industry is changing yet again 11th January 2007.

This report makes the case for increased use of open-source software -

BBC Technology news - Open source gets European boost - - The European Commission has added its voice to the debate about the use of open source software. - 17th January 2007.

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I am a Researcher in the final year of my PhD. I specialise in applying Semantic Web techniques. My current research is on a technique of 'User Driven Modelling/Programming'. My intention is to enable non-programmers to create software from a user interface that allows them to model a particular problem or scenario. This involves a user entering information visually in the form of a tree diagram. I am attempting to develop ways of automatically translating this information into program code in a variety of computer languages. This is very important and useful for many employees that have insufficient time to learn programming languages. I am looking to research visualisation, and visualisation techniques to create a human computer interface that allows non experts to create software.

I am a member of the Institute for End User Computing (IEUC).

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