Metal Detecting in the California-5 Tips Revealed

by J C Christian - Date: 2007-01-21 - Word Count: 421 Share This!

When people think of gold in America the first place they probably think of is the state of California. Even before the State of California became part of the United States people were mining for gold and finding lots of it. A lot of gold has been found in the past in California is still plenty of it for you to find and discover while metal detecting.

The good news for you is that technology has improved over time and this will make it easier for you mine for gold versus what people back during the Gold Rush had to be. With the advances in metal detecting technology you should be able to find gold relatively easy compared to centuries ago.

Here are five tips you can follow when you go to metal detecting expedition searching for gold in California:

1. When planning a metal detecting trip in California it is probably best to find out who the land owner is of the location you intent to metal detect on. Once you find who the owner of the land is always obtain permission from them to do your metal detecting.

2. If you are unfamiliar with certain areas of California make sure that you are aware of the climate and what to expect. Always pack enough gear to make sure that you have what you need no matter the situation or the environment.

3. You can always look into joining metal detecting clubs and find out if there is some located in the areas that you want to metal detecting it. Joining a metal detecting club will alleviate you form having to do all of the planning, and it will be more enjoyable if you have other people with you.

4. Bring along a first aid kit in case any accidents happen. If you do happen to go metal detecting by yourself make sure that you notify a couple people exactly where you will located and if there is cell phone reception where you will be make sure your cell phone batteries are fully charged.

5. Map out specific areas in the state of California you want to metal detect at, this way you can get the maximum amount of time to search for gold.

California is a hotbed for metal detecting for gold if you have never been to California you should probably plan on taking a trip there if you are metal detecting enthusiasts. If you do plan to visit California metal detect make sure you follow the five tips above to make it more enjoyable trip.

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