So What Happened To All Those Enthusiastic Internet Marketers Who Didn't Have A Opt-in Email List?

by John C Vincent - Date: 2007-01-23 - Word Count: 504 Share This!

FACT: 95% of internet marketers are failing with their marketing efforts, i.e., they're either losing money or just barely breaking even.

You wouldn't believe the emails I get from the 95%-ters, in fact, I'll tell you a little story.

A few years ago when I was just beginning, I had a total of 4,000+ emails, UNREAD in my inbox lol

So at that time I decided to get rid of the waste.

I started from the earliest emails to the most current, and here is what I discovered:

Some of the emails looked interesting and so I would open the message and click on the url link inside the email and guess what?

The urls and I mean most of the urls in those emails did not work. I got the old Blank Page, Can't Find Page or No Such URL.

What did this tell me? All those marketers who were so enthused about their product, so yippity happy, so, "You Better Jump On-Board Or You're Gonna Miss This Train" had jumped ship LOL

They had either unknowingly joined a scam or they didn't have the determination to stick with a good program.

Most people say they want to succeed and they want to make a TON of Money, Cash, Moolah but when it comes down to the effort it takes to succeed, they cut and run and they remain a wage-slave.

Internet marketing takes Determination, Persistence and a Love for what you're doing.

My favorite quote: "Find something you love to do and you'll never have to work a day in your life." ~ Harvey Mackay

Once you discover your niche (that thing that you love), learn everything related to it, become the expert, the MUST GO TO Guy or Gal.

In addition, hone your marketing AND traffic generating skills so your particular niche/love, your website will have an audience.

Once you have an audience (Traffic) place an opt-in form on every page of your website.


Because Your Opt-in List is the MOST Important item in your business.

More on this in later articles.

Entice your visitors with a valuable free report, free eBook or even free software so they will gladly give you their name and email address.

This is how you build your list.


95% of marketers don't do this, hence, the High Failure Rate.

Additionally: You should be in the "People Business". Putting People/The Consumer/Your Prospect ... FIRST. To consider FIRST their wants and their desires. To set your own desires to the side for the moment and concentrate on giving the best service, the best tools, the best education possible to your Prospect/Customer/Client.

This builds trust, this builds a good business relationship.

REMEMBER: An educated Prospect becomes, through TRUST in you, a lasting Customer/Client.

Truism: "To Give Before You Receive"

This should be your purpose as a marketer, to assist, to educate, to give of yourself. For if you do will be truly rewarded (monetarily) , your business will prosper and you will finally be a part of the 5% of internet marketers who succeed in this Game.

Remember: It ain't Brain Surgery, it ain't Rocket Science... It's Just Internet Marketing...

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