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It should be no surprise that interest in solar power has significantly increased in lieu of the recent energy crisis in California. Rising costs, brown outs, and downright black outs make living in a technological world virtually impossible. Thanks to price gouging, energy costs have skyrocketed and made simple things like paying what used to be a minor bill - a major budgeting issue.

Anyone who depends on electricity to power large appliances has been affected at one time or another by the questionable moves of electric utility companies (like the infamous Enron for example), but price gouging isn't the only problem behind electric woes. Electricity - as strong as it can be - can actually be fragile as well. Too much consumption for instance, can upset an entire grid system within a matter of minutes. A minor lightening storm or a strong windfall can have detrimental effects as well. Even pests can effect the efficiency of electricity in homes and buildings!

Solar power is affected by none of those things. Since it's powered by the sun, it can not be affected by price gouging. (Hey, the last time we checked - the sun was free!) Nor can it be affected by over consumption or things like wire-chewing critters!
Solar power is energy from the sun converted into thermal or Electrical energy. It's also defined as solar energy or alternative energy. The term alternative energy is appropriate when referring to any power source other than electricity. Solar power, or energy, however specifies energy from the sun.
Current Usage
Today, solar power has almost become a common household subject of discussion as we continue to deal with limited fossil fuels. But those who resist the idea suggest that solar energy is not efficient. They claim that it cannot be ever present or they claim that converting to solar power is more expensive to operate than electricity or gas.

If you're interested in solar power, and you want to learn how it can indeed lower your bills all year round, then you need to read this article!
Types Of Solar Energy and How They Work
Solar power can be classified according to how it's used. It can be a direct or indirect power source, for example. Direct solar power converts solar energy once before it's used, whereas indirect solar power converts solar energy several times before it's finally used.

An example of direct solar power is sunlight warming a surface that's used to heat another object. An example of indirect solar power is sunlight warming a mechanical device that's designed to run a motor - a motor that used to cut the grass or turn on a sprinkler system for example.

In addition to direct or indirect solar power, passive solar power is the only source of energy for a particular use, where as active solar power is combined with other mechanics, like pumps, storage cells, or blowers.

Through the use of these different applications, solar power is used today to absorb heat, trap heat, and distribute heat for a very long time. Of course in warm weather, this same energy is used to trigger cooling devices.


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