Children Benefit From Higher Self Esteem

by Lyla Feldman - Date: 2008-07-22 - Word Count: 357 Share This!

Parents - listen up!  If you teach your children to feel good about them selves, they will benefit in the long run with higher self esteem. That is actually a past belief which has been recently proved otherwise.  Self-esteem is a greater predictor of a child's success than intellectual ability or natural talent.  Studies have shown that adolescent boys who are shorter than their male peers will not be as successful as their taller counterparts later on in life covering all aspects.  Studies also found that high self esteemers were less likely to be unemployed and if they were, they would be back in the workplace soon after. 


Teachers are also striving to instill positive self images into children's minds more today than ever.  Some critics even argue that they are becoming too "soft" in the classroom and are not dishing out enough constructive criticism.  This may lead to a rude awakening when they finally do enter the real world after school is finished and encounter demanding bosses.  Research has proven that teenage girls with low self esteem were more likely to become overweight or even engage in promiscuous or other risky behavior.  So how do you know if you're child has healthy self esteem?


They have healthy self esteems if they are willing to try and show initiative, children with low self esteem give up more easily or don't want to learn new things.  They are generally well behaved; they don't have to act out to get negative attention from family and peers.  They neither put themselves down nor do they exaggerate their skills, abilities, or material possessions.  They don't need to put down others to feel competent nor are they threatened by the success of their peers.  They downplay mistakes and failures and don't dwell on them for too long. 


The building blocks of self esteem are positive parent, teacher interactions and expectations, positive peer interactions, coping skills, and successes that demonstrate competence and mastery.  This will lead to more positive things throughout their lives.  Praise them early on and they will endure loving, lasting relationships, more successful careers, and a healthier quality of life. 



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