5 Ways To Beat The Heat In Your Home This Summer!

by Chris DeClute - Date: 2007-05-16 - Word Count: 567 Share This!

It's getting hot out there! Which means…it's going to get hot inside.
With the inevitable onslaught of hot, muggy weather that's literally hanging over our heads conserving energy is on everyone's mind! This of course, is closely followed by the dread of our energy bills to match the weather! Fear not! There are 5 things that you may not be aware of which can help alleviate the heat and in turn, some of the financial stress.

Is it safe to say that anyone who has ever been responsible for the payment of some kind of energy bill knows just how scary a hot spell can be? The need for immediate relief is irrefutable, undeniable and not up for debate, however the way to achieve this is.
Here are 5 ways to conserve energy and save money this summer.

1. Nature's Thermostat - Wool. Be it a Persian Rug in Oriental, Traditional, Tribal or city style, if its wool it's in. Wool rugs have a host of benefits one being the pile (fiber) itself. Because wool is naturally crimped in form, it houses millions of air pockets:
These pockets act as insulation and help regulate room temperature. Wool is also hydroscopic which means it has the natural ability to either absorb or release moisture and in doing so it will actually reduce your energy costs by keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

2. Inside Appliance Placement. Put simply, your air-conditioner thermostat is heat sensitive. The proximity of heat emitting appliances such as lamps, or TV's can keep your thermostat in overdrive unnecessarily, make sure they are away from your a/c controls.

3. Lighting - The Ins and Outs. Lighting is a relatively quick fix that is so common throughout our homes both inside and out that even the most subtle all-over changes can literally put money in your pocket.
Inside: Install dimmers, and make the "switch" to energy saving fluorescents.
Outside: adjust your outdoor timers, illuminate with solar powered lanterns and for ambiance nothing beats a string of low-watt LED lights.

4. The Kitchen. Freezers work best when filled to capacity. If you have a deep freezer you can add plastic containers filled with water to fill up the empty spaces (consider this extra security in the event of a power shortage as well). Lose the garage/basement beer fridge if it was made before 1984. These models use up to 3 times more than their newer counterparts!!!

5. The Garden. Grass is not the only landscape coverage available for your home. Consider the lesser known clover option, fast-growing, with a high coverage quotient it's virtually maintenance free and you can save on water wastage and mowing! Trees and bushes are double agents in our self proclaimed war on energy wastage, affecting both inside and out. Place trees or shrubs near, but not blocking airflow. By shading the a/c unit it will use up to 10% less energy than one operating in the sun. Trees that drop their leaves (deciduous) are an excellent choice for shading the house in the summer and allowing the warmth of the sun in throughout the winter. These should be placed on the south and west sides of your home.

Looking collectively toward the future and concentrating on the solutions for energy conservation will make a long range impact on the environment as well as your energy expenses. Nothing but sunny days ahead - be prepared!

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