A Guide to Electric Guitars

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Electric guitars are in tremendous demand in the music industry. Many musicians prefer to play the guitar rather than any other musical instruments. An electric guitar is an essential instrument at many musical events. The artists playing the electric guitar at concerts have an audience and fans of their own. It is one of the most important musical instruments at rock shows, jazz concerts, country music events, rap and blues concerts and even on pop albums. The function of a guitar, especially an electric guitar, is multi-faceted.

While purchasing a guitar the options available must be carefully weighed. All the details should be examined thoroughly in accordance with the purpose of the guitar. An electric guitar may be used to play for large audiences, small audiences, or simply for leisure and recreation. One of the main attributes of a good guitar is the wood it is made of. One of the options available is Mahogany. It has a relatively low velocity of sound. Koa wood has a considerable density and a low overtone content, Brazilian Rosewood contributes to the tone coloration. It offers high sound velocity and broad range of overtones.

Another important detail is the body style. Electric guitars come in three basic body styles. They are solid-body, semi-hollow or semi-solid body and hollow-body. The neck of the guitar can help in the quality of sound output. The type of neck the guitar should have is depends on the length of the guitarist's hand. Necks come in a number of shapes such as C-shaped, thin, and thin and wide. While purchasing a guitar, it is advisable to scrutinize the scale length, intonation, number of frets, finish, the bridge, pickups and tuning machine.

Electric guitars are very expensive. The advice of a professional guitarist would be invaluable to an enthusiast.

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