Smoke Free Life: Live Longer With Zerosmoke

by Christopher Schwebius - Date: 2008-10-10 - Word Count: 528 Share This!

Zerosmoke is an excellent tool that provides the advantages of auricular therapy, a form of acupressure; Zerosmoke is already known to give excellent and has an over 80% success rate. It is a painless method and no needles are used. The two magnets used on the outer ear stimulate acupressure points and activate the production of neurotransmitters thereby removing any want of smoke. Zerosmoke works on the Chinese principles of acupressure, auricular therapy, and electro-stimulation. It is a convenient alternative to gums and patches.

An avant-garde form of treatment, Zerosmoke magnets are from any allergic reaction or side effects as the magnets are 24 k gold coated. When placed opposite one another on a particular part of the ear, they exert prolonged, programmed, stimulating pressure that activate the production of endorphins giving the same feeling one gets from smoking.

One many make many excuses for not wanting to make use of the Zerosmoke therapy. While going through a lot of blogs I came across many teenagers and even grown ups finding faults with Zerosmoke even without having used it. Let's look at some arguments:

Some say that there is no scientific evidence to the effectiveness of Zerosmoke, well to such people I would like to say that there is scientific evidence to the bad effects of smoking, then why did they start smoking in the first place if they placed so much importance to scientific evidence.

To the people who say that Zerosmoke is a waste of money, I would like to ask that, are cigarettes inexpensive? If they can spend money on something that harms them so much, so why not spend on something that may help them get rid of the bad habit forever.

Some argue Zerosmoke magnets can irritate the skin; doesn't cigarette harm your internal organs much more than simply irritate the skin? Smoking in fact leads to the degeneration of the skin cells leading to the smoker looking dull and aged. The smoker's teeth also witness unpleasant discoloration. Apart from the visible damages that smoking does, there is an unseen deterioration of lungs of the smokers. The lungs get coated by tar like soot in a chimney leading to lung cancer. Small part of the skin getting irritated is a lame excuse for not wanting to use Zerosmoke.

Some people complain that Zerosmoke magnets look silly on the ears. Well whoever thinks that smoking a cigarette looks very stylish is highly mistaken. When you light up a cigarette you are showing your dependence on a substance without the help of which, you my not be able to think straight. It shows the lack of confidence in you. Whereas if you are spotted wearing the Zerosmoke, you will come across as a person who is in charge of his life and knows what is good for him or her. The magnets will only reflect the concern you have for your own health and for those around you. So instead of non-smokers getting offended because of your smoking habit, you will have them praising you for your effort to quit.

So put away any inhibitions for using Zerosmoke. Take the therapy now and quit smoking.

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