Pharaoh Threatened to Crucify All of the Egyptian Wizards

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Many people do not know Allah. This series (1-61) is an attempt to help them to know their Creator.

Verses 7:119-124 of the Noble Quran talk about: 1) the Egyptian sorcerers prostrated to Allah; for they knew the Truth and we Believe in Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, 2) Pharaoh Thought That He is the Lord of the Worlds, 3) Was There any Plot Between the Egyptian Sorcerers and Moses as Pharaoh Claimed?, 4) Pharaoh Cut off the Hands and the Feet of the Egyptian Sorcerers and 5) He Threatened to Crucify all of them


In the previous articles (58-60)

Moses said: O Pharaoh! I am a messenger from Allah to you,

Pharaoh said: You are lying!

Moses said: when talking about to Allah it is compulsory to say the truth. Truly I have come to you with a clear signs from Allah.

Pharaoh Said: If you have come with a sign, then produce it.

Then Moses cast down, he flung down his staff and it was an enormous huge snake manifest for all to see,

And he drew forth his hand, he took it out from his bosom (armpit), and it was white, radiant and shining for the beholders.

The chiefs of Pharaoh's council said: Lo! this is some knowing wizard who is proficient in wizardry. Surely this man is a cunning sorcerer, outstanding in the art of magic. The aim of this man (Moses) is to expel you from your land of Egypt.  This was not true, the aim of Moses was to take the children of Israel out of Egypt. 

Then Pharaoh said:

Now what do you advise? What we should do concerning this matter?

They said unto Pharaoh:

We should bring every cunning sorcerer, who is proficient in wizardry to outdo Moses in the art of magic.  And so they summoned many of the knowing wizards.

And the sorcerers who were 70 in number came to Pharaoh, and they said: Surely there will be a great reward for us if we are victors against Moses.

Pharaoh answered: Yes of course you have that, and surely you shall be of those brought near to me in status. 

The Egyptian sorcerers (the black magicians) threw 70 staffs and 70 ropes, they cast a spell upon the people's eyes, and overawed them scared them, and produced a mighty spell; they put a spell upon the people's eyes, misleading them from perceiving the real state of these ropes and staffs, and overawed them, scared them, by making their ropes appear to be slithering snakes, and produced a mighty sorcery.

Allah inspired Moses (saying): Throw your staff!  And he threw it. And lo! it swallowed up their lying show, their staffs and ropes.  Then what?


The meaning of verse 7:119

The Egyptian sorcerers, as well as Pharaoh and his folk, were  defeated, humiliated and ended up abased. Moses was victorious against them.

The Egyptian sorcerers knew the Truth, it became clear that Moses was right and that which they were doing of sorcery was made vain.

The Egyptian sorcerers realized that Moses was right and that they are evil doers.

The meaning of verse 7:120

And the Egyptian sorcerers fell down prostrate to Allah; for they realized that what they had witnessed of the staff could not be done through sorcery.

it is also said that they prostrated themselves so fast, that it seemed as if they had fallen prostrate,

The meaning of verse 7:121

The Egyptian sorcerers cried and said: We believe in the Lord of the Worlds.

Pharaoh said: are you referring to me?

The meaning of verse 7:122

The Egyptian sorcerers said: The Lord of Moses and Aaron,

The meaning of verse 7:123

Pharaoh get very angry at them.

Pharaoh said:

You believe in the Lord of Moses and Aaron before I give you leave, before I command you to do so!

Lo! this is the plot that you have plotted in the city between you and Moses; that you may expel its people from it by means of guile.

Then Pharaoh threatened them and said:

But you shall come to know, what I will do to you!

The meaning of verse 7:124

Pharaoh said:

I shall assuredly have your hands and feet cut off on opposite sides, that is, the right hand and the left foot of every one, then I shall have every one of you crucified; I shall crucify you every one. This was the punishment for anyone who does not believe that Pharaoh is the Lord of the Worlds!


Verses 7:119-124 in different English translations of the meanings of Arabic Quran:

Verse 7:119

QARIB: they were defeated and turned belittled,

SHAKIR: thus they were vanquished there, and they went back abased

PICKTHAL: thus were they there defeated and brought low.

YUSUFALI: so the (great ones) were vanquished there and then, and were made to look small.

Verse 7:120

QARIB: and the sorcerers prostrated themselves,

SHAKIR: and the enchanters were thrown down, prostrating (themselves)

PICKTHAL: and the wizards fell down prostrate,

YUSUFALI: but the sorcerers fell down prostrate in adoration.

Verse 7:121

QARIB: saying: 'we believe in the lord of the worlds,

SHAKIR: they said: we believe in the lord of the worlds,

PICKTHAL: crying: we believe in the lord of the worlds,

YUSUFALI: saying: "we believe in the lord of the worlds,-

Verse 7:122

QARIB: the lord of moses and aaron. '

SHAKIR: the lord of musa and haroun

PICKTHAL: the lord of moses and aaron.

YUSUFALI: "the lord of moses and aaron."

Verse 7:123

QARIB: pharaoh said: 'do you believe in him before i permit? this is a plot that you have contrived in the city in order to expel its people from it. now you shall know!

SHAKIR: firon said: do you believe in him before i have given you permission? surely this is a plot which you have secretly devised in this city, that you may turn out of it its people, but you shall know:

PICKTHAL: pharaoh said: ye believe in him before i give you leave! lo! this is the plot that ye have plotted in the city that ye may drive its people hence. but ye shall come to know!

YUSUFALI: said pharaoh: "believe ye in him before i give you permission? surely this is a trick which ye have planned in the city to drive out its people: but soon shall ye know (the consequences).

Verse 7:124

QARIB: i will cut off on opposite sides a hand and a foot, and then crucify you all! '

SHAKIR: i will certainly cut off your hands and your feet on opposite sides, then will i crucify you all together

PICKTHAL: surely i shall have your hands and feet cut off upon alternate sides. then i shall crucify you every one.

YUSUFALI: "be sure i will cut off your hands and your feet on apposite sides, and i will cause you all to die on the cross."

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