Save Your Furniture Without Declawing Your Cat

by Robert Sessions - Date: 2010-10-13 - Word Count: 319 Share This!

If you have cat companions, you've almost certainly had a very good sofa or set of draperies damaged by climbing and scratching. Nobody wants to come across their nice things destroyed, but please do not think you have to declaw your feline friends to be able to guard your home furniture. Declawing cats is inhumane and pointless.

You see, a cat's claw isn't like a fingernail. A cat's claws are in fact connected to the last bone in its toe. When a vet removes the claw, he also removes that bone as well as the joint for the subsequent bone. Think about amputating the last bone in every one of your fingers! Declawed pet cats frequently grow to be aggressive, withdrawn or fearful.

It helps to understand the behavior to be able to come up with a natural remedy. Cats and kittens don't climb and scratch because they're evil, they do it because they're cats. These are instinctive behaviors. The very best strategy to keep kitty from scratching fixtures or climbing curtains is to present an alternative in the form of a cat tree or cat condo.

Give Muffy or Tiger an appropriate place to climb and scratch. Get a tough cat tree that is adequately tall to let her or him climb up and look down on the world. Make certain to include a scratching post of sisal rope or some comparable materials wrapped around the trunk. Your cat doesn't want to ruin your furniture, he simply wants to climb and groom his nails.

You can construct a cat condo or purchase one. In either case, take a look at the Web for layout tips. You'll find cat trees ranging from fairly uncomplicated to really elaborate. The crucial issue is that it is strong and offers your feline a spot to scratch and climb. When buying on line, remember that cat trees can be fairly large so look for no cost shipping.

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