Who Else Has Met A 'Ghost'?

by Pamela Glynn - Date: 2007-07-22 - Word Count: 373 Share This!

Who else has received a visitor from the other side?

My maternal grandmother's death was the first one in my family to touch me extremely deeply. 'Nama', as I knew her, died just before the birth of my second baby and almost my first regret upon learning of her death was that she would never see this great-grandchild.

Some years passed and then a troubled friend asked me to go with her to see a medium. I was reluctant to do this, but went in a spirit of friendship and by request remained in the room while Yvonne was given messages. Unsure whether I was convinced by what was going on, there was still one aspect that struck me as being particularly touching. The medium described a short plump lady with bright blue eyes and white hair who was clutching a bunch of lilies-of-the-valley and said that this lady was with Yvonne constantly as a kind of guardian angel. The interesting thing was that later, when we discussed what had gone on, Yvonne said that everything had made perfect sense except the description of the white-haired woman, which she didn't recognize.

That evening while we were watching TV my husband asked whether I was wearing a new perfume, since he could smell lilies-of-the valley. I had no time to answer him before I saw - standing between me and the TV, large as life but slightly transparent so that I could actually see the television program through her - my grandmother! She was holding lilies-of-the-valley (her favorite flowers in life: her birthday having been on 31 May, my mother had always managed to gather the last few from the garden for her birthday bouquet) and spoke to me all too clearly. Sounding quite miffed, Nama asked: "Why didn't you know it was me? I was there in that room and the message was meant for you."

This was such a real encounter that, overcome with emotion, I ran from the room and threw myself on my bed, sobbing. Since then I've seen Nama again and have felt strengthened by the knowledge that she is my guardian angel in death, just as she always was in life.

It seems to me that the power of love can never die.

P.G. Glynn

I am a published (hardback) author fascinated by life, time and the nature of death, which I am convinced is a new beginning rather than an end. If you liked this article I think you will enjoy my love story across time, THE PORTRAIT, accessible on http://www.pglynn.co.ukn
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