Common Questions About Converting Photos To Dvd Format

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One of the easiest ways to enjoy old photographs is to watch them in a slideshow. To put a slideshow into a DVD, you can take the time to scan all of the pictures, create a slide show, and then burn it on to a DVD yourself, or you can hire professional photo to DVD services. Doing it yourself is quite time consuming, and you may or may not end up with a final product that works on all DVD players. Hiring professional photo to DVD services is a more efficient option, but before you do, make sure you have all of your questions answered.

What Do DVD Slideshow Movies Look Like?

When you put a photo to DVD movie into the DVD player, you will see a screen with chapter breaks. This allows you to easily navigate the presentation and skip ahead to certain sections if you wish. This screen typically has a background that you select to go with the theme of your movie. If you wish to simply play through the movie, you can select this option. The movie will then slide through your pictures at a slow pace, giving you plenty of time to view each one as it passes across the screen.

Is This a JPEG DVD or Something Different?

Most people who make their own CD or DVD slideshow from their pictures make a JPEG DVD. In other words, they put their photographs in the JPEG format onto the DVD or CD. When they open the file, it automatically presents a slideshow of the images. However, these may not play on a traditional DVD player, and they do not feature added options like background music and special effects. When you hire professional photo to DVD services, you get a much better product that is compatible with most DVD players.

What Format Is Used?

The answer to this question depends on the company you hire to create your DVD. Most companies use NTSC format by default. This is the format most DVD players in the Americas use. European and Asian photographers need PAL format, which is usually available by request.

What Extras Are Available?

You can add music to the background of your photographic DVD slideshow. You also can choose transition effects between images. Other extras will vary based on the company you choose to make your DVD.

What Would a DVD Be Used For?

Photographic slideshow DVDs have a variety of uses. Some people will use one of these DVDs to present a slideshow at a wedding or graduation highlighting the growing up years of the person or couple being honored. A slideshow of family pictures is an ideal way to celebrate a grandparent's birthday or a special anniversary date, such as a 50th anniversary. New babies can be announced with a DVD slideshow along with the birth announcement, a perfect gift for family members that cannot travel to see the new arrival. Just about any event that needs to be commemorated, whether it is a winning sports season, birthday, graduation, or retirement, is an ideal time to use a photographic DVD, so gather your pictures, slides, or negatives and start shopping for photo to DVD services today.

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