Are you married with children or single and loving it?

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Married life for many brings emotional security and a solid basis for a rewarding partnership. A successful marriage requires commitment, love and lots of communication. At the start of many romantic relationship between male and female, this bond normally has a honeymoon period. New couples will talk for hours and hours about anything and everything. They often share their deepest and darkest secrets to a new partner, as if suddenly there is a whole new outlet to divulge lots of bottled up emotions or feelings. Having a new relationship or lover has even been attributed to improving health conditions. This is due to the mind and body being put into a relaxed and happy state of mind, and is said to have had a positive effect on some heart conditions.

As time progresses in any relationship, so does certain aspects. The high that most new couples experience on average usually last around one year, give or take. This is an average and obviously each couple is different. For those who go on and marry, and for go the singles and dating scene, a challenging yet rewarding journey full of all sorts of possibilities awaits. However, with this comes sacrifices. Firstly, your social life normally becomes more of a standard few couples and close friends. No more meeting random singles and serial dating. Forget the online dating and singles chat rooms. No more singles trips to Bali, and make sure your home from Friday night after work drinks by 10pm.

Couples make a choice before committing to marriage. A choice to leave behind the online dating chat sites and singles bars. There is certainly an upside to leaving dating other people behind. Couples can focus on each other, and grow together as a tight unit. As a marriage progresses, so does the effort factor. Sadly, 30% of marriages fail. Couples can stop maintaining the main factors that are needed to keep a bond strong. If there are children involved, then this adds a whole new dimension of emotional and financial pain.

For those out there in the singles bars or surfing online dating sites and chat rooms, they can steer clear of any possibility of going through a messy divorce. The dilemma for singles is that age eventually catches up on them, and they can find themselves lonely. Internet online dating sites are a comforting option for singles, especially if they find themselves out growing the bars and clubs. Single or married? There can be ups and down for both, and either scenario can change over time.

People are generally getting married later in life these days to live the singles and dating lifestyle, or to pursue their careers. It is often said that thirty is the new twenty. And forty is the new thirty. Marriage is a very scary prospect for many, it is evident by the number of people delaying this journey. Free online dating and chat rooms for singles

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