Money Saving Business Christmas Card Tips

by Linda Cress Dowdy - Date: 2008-11-10 - Word Count: 511 Share This!

Everyone looks forward to receiving holiday cards during the season.  They are great for keeping in touch with friends, family, customers and business associates and really are a joy to send and to receive.  In these tough economic times you may be thinking that your annual seasonal greeting may not be possible to send this year.  However, holiday cards really are small expenditures when you consider the pleasure they bring and the wonderful opportunity they offer for staying connected. 

To justify the expense, consider this:

Holiday cards from you or your company create personal connections.  With a hand written note added, you are sending an expression of warmth that says you and your business matter.  This small gesture is priceless.

For under $1.50 for 200 cards you can send a lovely personalized greeting to everyone on your list, and that even includes the cost of postage!  And if you order a larger quantity, the unit cost continues to drop.  Where else can you find something so personal and affordable that is certain to build friendships and business partnerships?

A nice personalized and custom imprinted greeting says that you and your business are doing just fine this year.  That assurance will go a long way in helping to build customer trust and loyalty.


Holiday cards are great marketing tools.  Send them to prospective customers and you are sure to be remembered when you contact them with sales opportunities. 

As cards are proudly displayed at home and in offices, an attractive greeting will get noticed and appreciated for several weeks during the holiday season.  Calendar cards will remain on display throughout the year.


If you simply cannot afford a traditional card, holiday postcards are the perfect option.  For around $1, and that includes the stamp, you can remember 200 lucky people with a colorful seasonal greeting that is sure to be appreciated. 

Include a coupon or promotion with your greeting to drive sales.  Everyone will be looking for deals this year and a personalized greeting can include a printed coupon right on the card itself at no additional cost.  What better way to say happy holidays than with an attractive card that also comes with a cost savings offer!


Save money by not buying a box of meat and cheese or gift of popcorn.  Send beautiful holiday cards instead.  You can include a gift card or mention of a donation to a worthy cause as an added feature if funds allow.  If not, just a thoughtful holiday card is sure to be just as appreciated when you take the time and effort to include your valued contacts on your holiday card list this year.

Business Christmas cards are a tradition that has survived economic struggles in the past.  The gesture of friendship and the greetings they bring are especially important when people are looking for hope and happiness during the holiday season.  This year, add names to your list and spread happiness to many by remembering them with a heartfelt expression of holiday happiness during the season.  You will be glad you did!

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