Things To Consider If You Are Thinking Of Retiring Abroad

by Dominic Whiting - Date: 2007-04-02 - Word Count: 371 Share This!

More than 1.3 million British people have chosen to spend their retirement abroad. Why? Well, many are simply pursuing a life long dream. Others are moving to benefit from an improved climate, away from the British winter chill. Some are heading to a place where their pension will stretch further, or where their lifestyle will be much improved. Social factors, crime statistics, rising costs and general disillusionment with "life in Britain" are commonly cited as reasons why retirees look overseas. Many opt for the popular destinations of Spain, France, Portugal and Florida, while others look at the Caribbean or even further afield. Indeed, surveys suggest that an amazing 75 per cent of people in the UK dream of retiring to a place in the sun.

Moving abroad is a big decision and one that stirs up a complex mix of emotions. There will be plenty of excitement, but also some anxiety too. The immediate fears that people have include being far from their family and loved-ones; having to make new friends and dealing with a new language and culture. However, bare in mind that many retirees find a whole new social world opens up to them abroad. Learning a new language can be a challenge, but even investing a small amount of effort will pay dividends. Your family and all those friends you are worried about missing may still be back home, but wait until you have moved into your new home. You will be amazed at how many reasons they will find to spend a couple of weeks with you. Just make sure the spare bed is made!

Health care is often a worry too, but English-speaking doctors are available in many places, and health services in many countries are now on a par with the UK, if not better.

The process of finding and buying a property in an unfamiliar country is also bound to cause concern. Set about buying a home in the sun the wrong way and you might lose your shirt. As with any major financial decision, take expert advice, keep a cool head, and do plenty of research. Hundreds of thousands of people have made the move abroad without mishap - there is no reason why you can't too.

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