Does The Magnetic Treatment For Scale And Hardness In Water Really Work?

by David Faulkner - Date: 2007-06-18 - Word Count: 504 Share This!

Magnets are used for many things. One of those uses is for getting rid of scale deposits and hard water. That is right. Magnets have uses for treating water. The problem is that it is still up in the air about how effective these magnetic treatments really are.

The use of magnets for treating scale deposits and hard water is relatively new to the technology of water treatment especially when it is compared to the chemicals used for the treatment of water. Two main disagreements exist when you are talking about the magnetic treatment of scale deposits and hard water. There are two different views on the water treatment method and are constantly going back and forth with claims about hoe this water treatment technology really does.

How does the magnetic water treatment system really work? Why is it so necessary? Two questions that need to be answered and have given worry to the correctness of this water treatment technology. The magnetic water treatment system that is used for scale deposits and hard water is thought to be the very thing that will remove those scale minerals from the water and thus stop the water from being hard.

The magnetic treatment system is completed by adding magnets to the openings or close to the openings of the pipes that run the water to the home or commercial structure. The magnets are then thought to create a very strong magnetic field inside the pipes. The magnetic field will need to be strong enough to collect the molecules that are around the calcium, silica, and magnesium. When the magnets work with the elements in the water, they are not able to gather in the pipes anymore. The scale deposits that are created before the magnets were installed can not stay together and are removed.

The magnetic treatments for hard water and scale deposits was first thought to be a major item in getting rid of the iron in the water that makes the water hard and the scales to form. The idea of it is that the technology that is behind the magnetic treatments is a better way to soften the water than the chemical treatments are.

There are those that believe that the claims of those that believe in the magnetic water treatment technology are just not supported by anything other than results that were obtained from certain situations. Those that do not believe are pushing the fact that no real laboratory research has been done to prove that this treatment method really works.

The big fight will be over the magnetic treatment systems and the doubts that are raised by those that do not believe in the technology. Both of those that believe and do not believe have valid reasons for disagreeing with each other. It does not matter why the arguments exist, or if they are only in the interest of those arguing, the answer has yet to be found for magnetic water treatment systems as to whether it is good or bad.

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