Your Starter For 10: Why Having A Standby Battery Charger Could Stop You Feeling Flat

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Imagine if you fancied a drive in your beautiful sports car, the one that you have sitting in your garage on display, only to be driven on a sunny day. Jumping into the drivers seat, turning the key and hearing the unforgettable whining noise accompanying a flat battery. Nothing. Dead. Alternatively picture yourself driving your caravan over a hundred miles to Cornwall, on that holiday you've been promising your kids for months, and finding that you have no light, refrigeration or cooking power. Luckily with a battery charger, like the CTEK battery charger, you never need to worry ever again.

CTEK is a company that specialises in the manufacture and design of highly advanced and compact chargers. Although CTEK is a Swedish-based company they sell their high quality chargers throughout the world. Arguably they provide the best battery chargers on the market today. As proof of this statement you should know that CTEK battery chargers are the chargers of choice of such super car companies as Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Aside from their installable chargers CTEK's portable chargers can be used to charge and maintain all types of lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries are commonly used in cars, motorcycles, truck, motor homes and caravans. They are even used in more obscure vehicles such as jet-skis and so on.

It should be clear by now that these chargers are a lot more than the simple plug and charge variety also available. CTEK provide a vast range of batteries, some being more suited for home vehicles and others for industrial use. For everyday use there are batteries that provide 6 to 12 volt charge functions although there are many more powerful models out there.

What makes these battery chargers so great is that they are intelligent in the way that they charge batteries. By monitoring the charge within the battery and providing a subsequent level of charge dependant on the batteries need, this helps the battery to be more reliable and makes sure that the battery has a long healthy life. Many different types of battery can be charged by the same charger, these chargers are capable of charging Wet, MF, GEL and AGM lead-acid batteries.

Other features include the ability to alter charging functionality dependant on the ambient temperature. When it is cold outside batteries charge differently to when it is hot. CTEK battery chargers are able to detect the temperature outside and give the optimum charge for that environment. This also protects the charger itself from overheating on a bright summer's day. They are also capable of being connected to a battery for months at a time, maintaining a steady charge without causing damage to the battery or charging unit. Careful thought has been put into the battery design so that it is as compact as possible with holes provided in the casing so that it can be mounted permanently in a convenient and safe place, if desired.

Different models of charger are suitable for different uses. If you want to charge smaller batteries, say for a jet ski or motorcycle, then the XS 800 would be best suited to your needs. For every day household use, for cars and caravans, the XS 3600 would be the best to go for. Large caravans, cars, mobile homes and trucks, on the other hand, may require the use of the heavy duty XS 7000.

CTEK battery chargers are only available through select distributors. These suppliers stock the most popular CTEK battery chargers on the market. Take a look today so that you never need to feel flat ever again.

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