Leading and Leadership: Soichiro Honda

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Almost anyone can use power, but it takes skill to use leadership. Leadership skills are much more than the use of force. It means the ability to influence others and inspire them to truly wish to achieve a goal. Managers all over the world recognize the central role of effective leadership in organizational performance. Effective leadership is an imperceptible quality for a good manager. Leaders are capable not only to differentiate the results of their companies; they also can differentiate the satisfaction levels of the people working within these organizations. The abilities of a leader guarantee that the work of the organization is what it should be. Leaders are able to facilitate the definition of organizational purposes. They are initiators of the development of vision within their organization on the whole.
According to the last national research, getting along with the employees is the number one factor that influences job effectiveness (Blanchard 2007). It is important for managers working in organizations to think about their own experiences with employees to understand how essential the relationship of the leader-follower for organizational well-being is, as well as how irreplaceable is a good leader for satisfaction of a follower. Honda injected enthusiasm and energy into people around him and they helped him to achieve great things. Soichiro Honda was a transformational leader and working for him was a wonderful and uplifting experience. Leaders of this type have the ability to put passion and energy into everything. They care about you and want you to become successful.
A leader is essential for every organization. The function of a leader in the organization can be described as: ‘to define what you do, why you exist, and how you judge success' (Hesselbein and Cohen 1999, p. 250). It is necessary to emphasize that powerful leaders have clear visions about their organizations and their purpose is not only to have clear vision, but also to involve and instill the same vision in other employees. The task of the leaders is to focus their attention and efforts on people because they have to encourage, influence, motivate, inspire, empathize, train, evaluate, and reward them to reach the desired results. Leaders are those people who can build organizations, create organizational cultures, and form our society.

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